Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Week In Review 11.3.06

So my first week of my new job as passed. I think it went very well. My boss told me he thought so too so that was nice. I didn't really learn too much about what I will actually be doing on a regular basis. Walt, my boss, likes to take things in baby steps I've noticed. So much of my week was meeting people and learning the overall operation of the company. I think I'll have a lot of down time next week too because Walt is going to be in a lot of meetings and then traveling. I hope I won't be too bored.

I went shoe shopping and some of my friends will be highly proud of me. I bought 3 pairs of high heels and 1 pair of flats. All of which you'll see throughout this post. I love Payless. I had to have the flats to keep at my desk because if you walk out into the plant you're not allowed to have heels on. But they require you to dress up and I can't always wear flats with a skirt or dressy clothes.

Today I'm going to go up in the attic in search of my Ed Grimly lunchbox and thermos because I hate taking my lunch in a plastic bag. Also I'm going to try and decide which pictures I want to take to work to decorate my space. I would like to take my Singing In The Rain picture that I used at Dietary but this office has really high ceilings - 12' and the wall space is just huge. So the SITR picture will just look too tiny. :( I've got a bit of time to decide. I don't want to actually take the pictures until I get my new furniture and the office is rearranged and that'll probably be a couple of weeks.

Yesterday I had to work with this young guy who has been doing a certain task for my boss which I will now be doing so he was training me on how to. Well, he didn't hold back on his opinions of people. He told me that my suite mate was "lazy" and "a piece of work". I knew that she talked a lot and from everything she said I thought, "Man she sure knows a lot of sick people." Well, from what this guy said, she's a drama queen. I was like, "Oh goody." {sarcasm!} In one of her redneck tales the other day she used the "N" word which I am totally NOT cool with. I didn't say anything then but if it continues I sure will.

I now have a fine collection of spices and herbs. I bought a lot and little jars. This morning I poured them into the jars and labeled them. My hands smell like nutmeg. :) So far, from my Rachel Ray cookbook, I've made Israeli Spice Chicken, Honey Mustard Barbequed Chicken, and Maple Mustard Pork Chops. I've loved them all but hubby only liked the spicy one. He doesn't like sauces that have a sweet taste to them. If we ever agreed on a food dish, I would keel over from shock!

Come to the dark side, my little shoe shopper!

The Maple Mustard Pork Chops sound really yummy!!

ha ha, that comment jag left was funny.

CUTIE shoes!! I like them all! ED GRIMLEY! LOL! I used to LOVE him in high school!
Sounds like everything is going swimmingly! Except sharing an office with Redneck lady, of course. We went to see Borat this weekend, three frat boys from USC cameo in it. As you can imagine they don't paint such a pretty picture.
wow! borat and the prestige...i've got a lot of catching up to do!! i miss you!
Cute shoes! Payless is my heaven! I haven't been around lately, but it's good to stop by and see what going on. Congrats on the new job!
It's so good to hear from you! I miss reading your funny job stories!
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