Monday, November 13, 2006

Some goings on

I haven't watched any Buffy or Angel in 2 1/2 months. I'm starting to feel the effects of this.


I went to Kmart today to look for a spice rack and a broom rack. Of course, they didn't have them. They never seem to have what I'm looking for. *aggravated* But I did find this picture on clearance for $5.00 And while I generally don't like pictures of flowers, I loved the colors in this one. Pink, Orange and Gold. Of course, you can't really see it that well because I had to take the photo with my crappy cell phone which makes all photos look radioactive. But here 'tis:

Not bad for $5.00, huh?

I bit my fingernails. I feel so ashamed. I went months with beautiful long nails. I worked in the attic two weekends ago and broke every one. Then I began biting them again. It's like a compulsion. It's awful.

Hubby and I spent the weekend buying and installing shelving in our teeny tiny kitchen. It's so organized - it's FABULOUS!! Now, if I can only make him not mess it up.

Some times I wonder if my husband doesn't secretly like for me to yell at him. He will do things he KNOWS pisses me off. He must like to hear me bitch.

I discovered there is a Greenville "Browncoats" chapter. Last week they were having a screening of Serenity - admission going to Joss Whedon's charity of choice "Equality Now". I was looking forward to going and meeting some people and completely forgot. I was so bummed. Everyone at my new job is nice but no one is near my age and so there really isn't any potential here for friendships. I hope I can attend the next Browncoat get-together.

I'm looking forward to watching Heroes tonight. I'm pleased with how this show is developing. They aren't dragging it out - they keep it moving and I appreciate that. Unlike Lost which is still saying the same crap in SEASON 3!! I'm so done with that show. My new favorite show, Men In Trees, is now moving to Thursday. That's 7 out of 10 shows that I watch will be on on Thursdays. Isn't that crazy? Other upcoming TV moments of interest this week: 1.Jim's return on The Office. I'm so psyched. I think they are going to do one of two options A. Jim and Pam start dating and new girl pines for Jim or B. Jim and New Girl start dating and Pam pines for Jim. 2.Supernatural - this show is ALWAYS good and Dean is so fucking hot. He should so do me.

I've had some crazy ass dreams this weekend. One had my getting my foot ambutated by Dr. Christian Bale. WEIRD!!

Some livejournal awards I've won recently for icon entries:

Walmart is my dirty pleasure...
I haven't been online on blogger for so long!!! Thank you for leaving me a message!!
To give you an update, I'm still University girl!! My boyfriend broke up and... Still a lot on myspace :P!!!
And what's up with you? Are you enjoying all of it?
I should have been more clear...we're leaving SC on the 24th!

Come down sooner!
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