Saturday, November 18, 2006

I am so tired

that I can feel it in my eyes. I woke up this morning and started going and didn't sit down until 7:30 pm tonight so I'm exhausted.

We have tons of HUGE trees here at my house. The neighor whose yard connects to ours in the back built an apartment RIGHT ON the property line. I'm not exaggerating it really is exactly on the property line. Well, the humongous trees disperse tons of leaves which must be gathered up because there's just too many of them and I hate for them to stay up against the house holding water.

We have noticed that many people burn their leaves here. So, we start burning our leaves. I've pulled the hose out and wet the ground all around the circle of fire and my husband is standing there watching it with a shovel, a rake and the hose in case he needs it while I am raking up more leaves to add to the pile. (At the same time another neighbor across the street in the front of our house was burning too). Well, I notice the lady whose backyard connects to ours and who so inconsiderately built an apartment RIGHT ON the property line is standing outside talking on the telephone and complaining about me and my husband and our burning. Suddenly she yells at me (i've never spoken to her before), "You've got those leaves burning and my apartment is right there! Don't you think that's a little bit dangerous? It would only take 1 leaf blowing over into my apartment and it'd be on fire!" Now when someone is just outright nasty to me I tend to, well turn into a bitch. I snap. So I very waspishly said back, "Actually no, I don't. My husband is watching it and we have a hose ready. I don't particularly like that you built your apartment right on the property line but there's not much I can do about that."

Not too long after that, the fire department showed up. They were really nice and told us we were doing everything correctly but suggested that next time we just give them a call beforehand to let them know we will be burning and perhaps burn smaller piles to keep the smoke down. I would love to have heard what they said to my neighbor.

I was so pissed though at the neighbor. Not that she called the fire department but that she spoke so nastily and didn't speak to me first. If she had just come up to me and said, "You know I'm really uncomfortable with you burning here and would really appreciate it if you didn't." Perhaps we would have done it in a different location, but she didn't even give us that opportunity. When did people just stop talking to others and go straight to authority?

Well that was RUDE.

Send her a gift basket of charcoal briquets, matches, lighter fluids, candles, and one of those fireplace starter logs.

That oughta shut her up.
LOL!!! I SHOULD!! :) Hubby thought that was hilarious.

Sorry I couldn't come to see you in Cola. :( If I hadn't just started a new job, I would have taken the time off.
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