Monday, November 27, 2006

A Day In The Life...of Crystal

My Top 5 Favorite Beatles Songs

5. Eleanor Rigby
4. A Day In The Life
3. In My Life
2. Come Together
1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Yesterday we had a department meeting, the first since I've joined the team. Apparantely the department head has been promoted to a new position and will be moving over to the corporate office. They are bumping up another guy in our department to head of the table. Not long after the meeting, I was in my boss' office as he was showing me how to complete a worksheet in the computer and new head guy calls and asks to see me when available. My boss irritatingly rolled his eyes and said, "See! Now you're going to be in peak command." I thought it was kinda cute. He doesn't want to share me. I understand this of course. He is told that they are hiring me as his assistant but if everyone else keeps asking me to take care of tasks for them, then when will I be able to help him?

I forgot to get my aspirin today and my claritan. I already have a headache and it's 8:21 am. Uh oh.

I watch Prison Break because it's the one of the two shows that Hubby doesn't like to miss (the other one is House). But I don't usually consider Prison Break as one of my "won't miss" shows. Well, last night's episode was fantastic, let me say that! Great cliffhanger if ever there was one!

I have posted the first challenge for my Men In Trees icon challenge community. Please join so you can vote on icons! And spread the word. I'll love you forever and forever!
Btw, the show airs Thursday night at 10pm EST on ABC, right after Grey's Anatomy. You should check it out if you haven't already. It's a fun hour of tv.

I spoke to my sister for over 30 minutes last night. It's crazy how fast time flies. She is living on her own for the first time, renting a house with another girl. It brought back so many memories. She's struggling with roomate issues (i.e. getting yelled at for not washing dishes, etc...) I told her that is all part of learning to live with someone who grew up in a different style household. I also said that it gets easier as time goes by and not to worry. All she can do is try her best to be mindful and respectful of the other person's wishes and to have a calm, rational discussion about it with the girl if at all possible. It's best to get all those cards out on the table as soon as possible. I love feeling like I can help my sister out with some stuff because I have been there. At the same time, I'm worried that I'll come off as too preachy to her.

I do wish she felt more of a connection to family. It's probably not her fault. She didn't grow up with any except her mom and our brother. I, nor our older brother, was around her much because of the situation with her mom. So, she's never really had time for a bond to form although I think we've been getting closer over the last few years. But on Thanksgiving I called her and left her a message to invite her to come over and see me, our older brother and his son (her nephew). Last night she tells me that she went to a friends house. She didn't even go see her Mom and our younger brother. That saddens me. I know she's 18 and spending time with your friends is extremely important to you at that time, it was to me, but I never gave up my family at the holidays.

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