Tuesday, October 10, 2006

1st Day On The Job

I started this position today. It was okay. I'm a little torn about whether I like it or not. It's gonna take me awhile.
The work I would be doing is not exactly what I was hoping to get. It's customer service, order entry, follow-up - middle man type stuff which to me, isn't challenging or interesting. I was really hoping to be in a creative sort of position where I can learn or have fun at the same time. BUT there is a formatting department in this company so perhaps I could eventually move there. Everyone was really nice to me except the girl that I will have to sit directly next to. Go figure. Maybe she was just having a bad day though. I immediately got the snobby vibe from her though.
I was shocked after having worked at "The Barn" that not only was there a break room but a HUGE break room which included free popcorn and a fountain soda machine. Best part: lounge area with leather sofas, huge LCD flat panel tv (which was airing Animal Planet) and an X-box. There was a basketball goal outside too which I'm told the guys sometimes use at lunch. The girl's bathroom was painted pepto-pink with some really cool home-made art. So that was cooky fun.
From all of that I thought it would be a bit more laid back but it wasn't. There was little to no laughter heard throughout the day. And no music :(

Now for the superficial. I know this sounds petty of me but it's me and I can't help it. I almost squealed for joy when I discovered they can wear jeans and t-shirts. Seeing as how that's all I wore at The Barn for 6 years it's pretty much all I have left in my wardrobe. Plus it's just comfortable. I work better comfortable.
Which leads me to my EXTREMELY superficial part. Well, it's not to me but it might sound like it to someone else.
The cubicles are tiny. I mean TINY. My work station is probably about 3.5 ft. long and there are girls on either side of me. Plus a constant flow of traffic behind me. Plus being a print shop there are just piles and piles of papers everywhere. It's very messy looking. I have mild claustraphobia. I don't get sweaty but I do feel extremely anxious when I have piles of boxes or papers around me plus people pressing in on me from all sides. I hope I can deal with that.

I feel so stressed about trying to decide whether I like it or not. And I don't know why I feel that way. I have no other options on the table right now so I really just need to do it.

They use mac's in this office which I've never used so that's something I'll get to learn.

I had gotten entirely too spoiled being home for a month.

hey that's great news. congrats!
It's high time you learned how to use a Mac anyway.
and after 3 weeks i'm not that impressed but i've only gotten to do work stuff
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