Monday, October 30, 2006

New Job

I started my job today. It went well. Turns out I don't have my own office, I share one with another woman. It will take me awhile to figure out if I like her or not. She told me right away that she is a redneck and that she loves John Deere. I was like, "Oooooooookay." But she'll probably think the same thing when she sees my Buffy pictures, so to each his own. As long as she isn't rude in my personal space or bitchy, we'll be fine. The bosses took me to lunch which was nice but a bit awkward. The tour of the plant was more interesting than I expected. It's amazing the speed at which the weaving machines weave. And it boggles the mind to think of how much those machines cost. And in a way, the weaving is beautiful. Overall, I'm very happy. Everyone was very nice and welcoming and I think I'll have a great experience here.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

And it's only Thursday

Friday, October 20, 2006

I Got The Job

that I wanted. I am very pleased. It's going to be a major learning experience but it seems like a good company. I'll be making $5,000 a year more than I was in Columbia and that makes me a very happy camper. Hubby & I were supposed to go out tonight to celebrate but of course he has his first emergency at work. :( I don't start until the 30th. I wish it was a bit sooner. Once I know I'm going to be doing something, I like to jump right in. I will continue to work at the temporary job for the next week.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

What I've Been Up To

So this job has asked me to think long term. They want to start training me on my own account (there's another temp that has been there 3 weeks and they haven't given her one yet). So it felt nice to hear that they think I'm a good worker. Especially after working at Dietary for 6 years where I felt so unvalued and uninspired. The supervisor and I had a heart to heart and she was very frank with me which I appreciated. I told her, "To be honest with you, if I am going to think long term I'd like to know more about the company and what it offers it's employees." I made it clear to her that I didn't want to overstep my bounds since I still work for the staffing agency. I told her what my long term goals are (graphic design) and what I need $ wise. I also told her I was not happy sitting next to the girl she wanted me to sit next to and she let me sit at another desk. It still has it's problems, but at least I don't have to sit next the snotty slut.

Yesterday Hubby & I took the dogs to a park in Traveler's Rest (about a 30 minute drive). We just wanted to walk the nature trail and enjoy the woods. The nature trail was up a mountain and was very tricky terrain with tree roots every step of the way. My right calve has been sore today. We didn't know that there was going to be a fall festival going on at the park. But it was nice to hear the live bluegrass music while hiking at checking out the local vendors. Every kid wanted to pet our dogs which Abby was not happy about. Overall, it was a lot of fun though. Today I raked the front yard and edged around the stepping stones in our yard. The weekends go by too fast.

On the nature trail there was a small waterfall that was marked with a sign that read:

Pictures of the festival:

I have been trying, in my spare time, to enter icon challenges at Livejournal. Here's some icons I have made for them:

My lineup is:
Monday: Prison Break, Heroes
Tuesday: House, Boston Legal (Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars when House is a repeat)
Wednesday: Bones, Lost
Thursday: (this one is tricky because I have to tape a few)My Name Is Earl, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Smallville, Supernatural (come January will add Scrubs)
Friday: Men In Trees (I LOVE this show. It's just FUN.)
Sunday: maybe Cold Case but that's not a must-see

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

1st Day On The Job

I started this position today. It was okay. I'm a little torn about whether I like it or not. It's gonna take me awhile.
The work I would be doing is not exactly what I was hoping to get. It's customer service, order entry, follow-up - middle man type stuff which to me, isn't challenging or interesting. I was really hoping to be in a creative sort of position where I can learn or have fun at the same time. BUT there is a formatting department in this company so perhaps I could eventually move there. Everyone was really nice to me except the girl that I will have to sit directly next to. Go figure. Maybe she was just having a bad day though. I immediately got the snobby vibe from her though.
I was shocked after having worked at "The Barn" that not only was there a break room but a HUGE break room which included free popcorn and a fountain soda machine. Best part: lounge area with leather sofas, huge LCD flat panel tv (which was airing Animal Planet) and an X-box. There was a basketball goal outside too which I'm told the guys sometimes use at lunch. The girl's bathroom was painted pepto-pink with some really cool home-made art. So that was cooky fun.
From all of that I thought it would be a bit more laid back but it wasn't. There was little to no laughter heard throughout the day. And no music :(

Now for the superficial. I know this sounds petty of me but it's me and I can't help it. I almost squealed for joy when I discovered they can wear jeans and t-shirts. Seeing as how that's all I wore at The Barn for 6 years it's pretty much all I have left in my wardrobe. Plus it's just comfortable. I work better comfortable.
Which leads me to my EXTREMELY superficial part. Well, it's not to me but it might sound like it to someone else.
The cubicles are tiny. I mean TINY. My work station is probably about 3.5 ft. long and there are girls on either side of me. Plus a constant flow of traffic behind me. Plus being a print shop there are just piles and piles of papers everywhere. It's very messy looking. I have mild claustraphobia. I don't get sweaty but I do feel extremely anxious when I have piles of boxes or papers around me plus people pressing in on me from all sides. I hope I can deal with that.

I feel so stressed about trying to decide whether I like it or not. And I don't know why I feel that way. I have no other options on the table right now so I really just need to do it.

They use mac's in this office which I've never used so that's something I'll get to learn.

I had gotten entirely too spoiled being home for a month.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Bringing Some Money Home

I start a temp to hire position in the morning. It's a little less than I was hoping to be making but it's in a company that interests me. Cox Custom Media - they handle creation of newsletters and other direct mail/advertising needs of businesses.
The agency told me there is a lot of potential for promotion and growth here so that's good. If I make it to permanent placement there would be a pay raise and I need that. And at least this keeps me from having to get a job in retail which I didn't want.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Here I Am

Still trying to find a job. A staffing agency told me today they have a good position they are going to submit my resume for. They've told me that before though and nothing happened so my expectations aren't too high.
I'm in that middle state of experience. I'm overqualified for administrative assistant positions - I've been too specialized in advertising but I'm underqualified for graphic designer or marketing positions meaning I don't have a degree with my name on it. It's all very frustrating.
I did have an interview on Friday that went well. At least, I thought it went well at first, but the more I think about it the more doubtful I become. I felt very at ease and seemed to have a good rapport with the men. But they have left me a little confused. Several comments they made left me feeling convinced I had won them over but then other comments threw me off of that theory. They said, "You should read up on our products and where our company is going." Good sign. They want me to stay up-to-date with the company." "We'll let you know one way or the other." Eh. So that makes it sound like I'm definately not a shoe-in. I think I want this job though so, keep your fingers crossed.

What I did last night:
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof - Paul Newman & Elizabeth Taylor
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