Friday, September 15, 2006

Wanna be my sugardaddy?

Perhaps today isn't the best day to be blogging. I feel rather surly right now. But then again, maybe it is because it seems I "open up" more when I am cranky.

So I've been in Greenville for 3 weeks now and starting to feel the stress of not having found a job. I've been on 2 interviews and have sent out dozens of resumes but no offers still. I really really really want the graphic designer position at the County Library but it's a long shot without my having a degree. Ask me how unhelpful the staffing agencies have been. Go ahead, ask. Sure, I'll tell you. The first one I went to, which is supposedly the largest in Greenville said they should have no trouble placing me somewhere. (I went to their office as soon as I came here). I phoned and left messages. No one returned my calls. I emailed. No one returned my emails. Finally they call me yesterday and have a cold call sales temp assignment for me which is something they told me about when I came in AND which I told them I wasn't interested in. I'm not sales girl. The second agency told me as soon as I emailed my resume that they didn't have anything right now. After 2 weeks they called and said they had an opportunity. I went to their office and spent 3 hours taking tests. I did go on an interview for a decent position they had for me. That was Monday. No one from their office phoned or emailed me to follow up to ask me how it went. Finally I called today. The company wants to interview more people. The lady thinks I'm overqualified and would be bored. I probably would but it was good money. Another week and I might have to get a retail job until I find something better. I just have to get some money coming in. Why can't I be rich?

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