Friday, September 22, 2006

Premiere Recap

Pure "The Office" Love:
Oh my gosh! But that kiss will go down in History!! I was laughing my ass off! What killed me the most was how Pam couldn't take her eyes off of them. While others were looking away she was riveted. lol And Jim's face when the new guy freaked out over the calculator in jello! That was perfect. I love how you get the idea that the camera man is on Jim's side.

And when they were checking out gay porn and Dwights says, "Damn it! Pop ups!" lol

It's so funny how even though Michael is just the worst sometimes you feel bad for him when someone puts him in his place. When Oscar yelled at him, I felt bad for him. Isn't that crazy? He deserved everything Oscar said to him. I've always loved Oscar. Him and Stanley are two of my favorites.

One thing I never understood is Ryan is supposed to be one of the main characters - I think he's listed in the credits as a regular yet he's probably the least shown or interesting character.

And what was up with Meredith putting sanitizer on her tongue?

I so wanted to beat the shit out of Angela.

I also watched the season 3 premiere of Grey's Anatomy last night which I did not realize premiered until after I had posted yesterday. It was good. It's going to take me awhile to get back in sync with these characters. They are so emotionally draining and I've already distanced myself from that. I found it odd that Burke was there until the end. But Katherine Hiegel was brilliant in her heartbreak. The flashbacks were nice and as usual I like Addison more than Meredith. Not only do I think she's prettier/sexier but I think she is a far superior actress. I hated the quarantine. Every show has pulled that. The flashbacks of course though made me think of my favorite Firefly episode "Out of Gas" which handle flashbacks better than any other show ever. What I didn't understand from Grey's is: Was Izzy's significant because it included Alex or the fact that she was told she wouldn't make it as a surgeon?

Hmm, I'm kinda feeling ambivalent about Smallville. The plot has gotten almost unbelievably convoluted, but I guess I might give it another season's try.

Hurrah for BSG, though! And as soon as my computer isn't brokified I'll get back to burning em for yez.

Hope all is well with everything and that the cops haven't found that body yet!

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