Friday, September 29, 2006


Haven't done this in awhile:





David Boreanaz

Gene Kelly


Next Step

Had an interview today. It went pretty well. Now is the dreaded wait. I hate this part.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


I've got my cafepress store open. It's not fully loaded or customized yet. I only have my Ariana-"Mutt" designs up. I will be adding Boston Terrier & Chihuahua designs. Plus for the "Cause" section there will be designs promoting 'anti-litter' 'historic preservation' and other causes I feel passionate about. All of these will feature my own photography.

I'll let you know when it's completed so you can let all your friends and family know!

Paws & Causes

Saturday, September 23, 2006


I miss this style of telephone.

They were so comfortable to use. Easy to balance on your shoulder.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Premiere Recap

Pure "The Office" Love:
Oh my gosh! But that kiss will go down in History!! I was laughing my ass off! What killed me the most was how Pam couldn't take her eyes off of them. While others were looking away she was riveted. lol And Jim's face when the new guy freaked out over the calculator in jello! That was perfect. I love how you get the idea that the camera man is on Jim's side.

And when they were checking out gay porn and Dwights says, "Damn it! Pop ups!" lol

It's so funny how even though Michael is just the worst sometimes you feel bad for him when someone puts him in his place. When Oscar yelled at him, I felt bad for him. Isn't that crazy? He deserved everything Oscar said to him. I've always loved Oscar. Him and Stanley are two of my favorites.

One thing I never understood is Ryan is supposed to be one of the main characters - I think he's listed in the credits as a regular yet he's probably the least shown or interesting character.

And what was up with Meredith putting sanitizer on her tongue?

I so wanted to beat the shit out of Angela.

I also watched the season 3 premiere of Grey's Anatomy last night which I did not realize premiered until after I had posted yesterday. It was good. It's going to take me awhile to get back in sync with these characters. They are so emotionally draining and I've already distanced myself from that. I found it odd that Burke was there until the end. But Katherine Hiegel was brilliant in her heartbreak. The flashbacks were nice and as usual I like Addison more than Meredith. Not only do I think she's prettier/sexier but I think she is a far superior actress. I hated the quarantine. Every show has pulled that. The flashbacks of course though made me think of my favorite Firefly episode "Out of Gas" which handle flashbacks better than any other show ever. What I didn't understand from Grey's is: Was Izzy's significant because it included Alex or the fact that she was told she wouldn't make it as a surgeon?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

How Fing Excited Am I

for the season 3 premiere of The Office tonight??

I told my husband the other night while looking over the fall tv schedule, "We have a big problem on Thursday nights" He laughed at me and said, "It's just tv." But it's GOOD tv.
The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Smallville and Supernatural, Survivor & My Name Is Earl are all on Thursdays! Earl I can watch in reruns so that doesn't bother me. The Office I LOVE so I don't want to miss that and the others are all series shows (meaning each ep lends to a season long arc). I need Tivo!!

C'Mon! Let Jim get him some!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Steve Irwin

I watched his memorial service last night and of course, cried my eyes out. I have felt sad ever since.

I remember the first time I saw him. I said, "This guy is insane!" but he made me laugh and I thought that was great. Over time I really came to love him because he not only loved the animals so passionately but you could tell he loved people the same way. He was never rude or unkind to anyone. He was genuinely a friend to everyone he met. Do you realize how rare that is in a human being? He was a pure soul.

He died on my birthday. I spent the whole day feeling slightly numb. Pretty remarkable for a zookeeper that I never met that lived on the other side of the world. His impact on the world is amazing. I don't think any other animal rights/conservationist has ever had that impact. His Dad said something last night that touched me deeply. He said, "Don't grieve for Steve. He's at peace. But I do want you to grieve for the animals because they lost a friend." You just KNOW that is true. It almost seems as the animals themselves are crying.

Monday, September 18, 2006

A New Beginning

I'm making a lifestyle change. There I said it. Now that I have vocalized it that means it's real, right? I guess I better stick to it now.

I'm overweight. Very overweight and I feel crappy. Not all the time. But sometimes. And I don't want to run into people from my past because I don't want them to know how much weight I've gained. I shouldn't care. But I do. But what concerns me more is how sluggish I feel. Health complications. Lowered sex drive. All those things lead back to weight issues.

Am I an overeater by addiction? I'm not sure. I do eat to comfort but I don't think I do it consciously. I eat from boredom, that's for sure. But I just love junk. The sweeter the better in most cases. And fried foods? Most are splendid.

But I've recently moved to a new city. Three weeks ago to be exact. And I have decided to make this moderately significant moment in my life monumental. I will take this opportunity to make a new beginning - a lifestyle change. For the 3 weeks I've been here, I've been getting up every morning with my husband and walking/jogging for at least 30 minutes (sometimes an hour). We've been doing this at least 5 times a week. I can't jog the whole time yet. So we briskly walk then jog a bit, walk, jog, etc... Some days I'm ready to go, others I have to drag myself out of bed but for the most part I've noticed a great change in myself. I truly do feel more alert during the day. Not to mention that I feel good emotionally because I know I did it.

I've been trying to eat a bit better too. I'm trying to cut out fried foods (skip the french fries at McDonalds) and eat at least 1 fresh item a day be it a grapefruit or some broccoli. I do however, refuse to give up my Diet Mt. Dews. A woman must have some vice! For sweets, I've been making sure to buy the "light" varieties of my favorite ice creams and such. But you know what I've found? The better I eat - the less I want the sweets! It's amazing. I feel like I've just discovered an unknown secret.

Best of all, yesterday I grudgingly pulled a pair of jeans out of my drawer. I say grudgingly because this is my "back up" pair. It's the pair of jeans that I wear only when all the others are dirty. These jeans are usually a bit tight and after squeezing into them I do a few pleas to make them loosen up. However, yesterday I slipped them on with ease. And while they were by no means loose on me, they were quite comfortable and easy to snap close. I stood and looked at myself in the mirror.

The exercising isn't the only change I'm making in my lifestyle. I've always dedicated myself to being a cleaner person (for instance, making a routine of cleaning my car so my allergies won't suffer from all the dog dander). Hubby & I have agreed to devote time every day also to our business we hope to open and to allowing time for our home renovation on the weekends (he has agreed to work on his organization and time management skills to help us achieve these goals). And more.

I'm not sure how all of this will be affected once I find a job (a task that has been unsuccessful so far). I might not be able to exercise in the morning due to lack of time but vow to still keep it in my day.

All in all. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. But other than worrying over finding a job, pretty darn good. Get prepared to meet the new Crystal.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Wanna be my sugardaddy?

Perhaps today isn't the best day to be blogging. I feel rather surly right now. But then again, maybe it is because it seems I "open up" more when I am cranky.

So I've been in Greenville for 3 weeks now and starting to feel the stress of not having found a job. I've been on 2 interviews and have sent out dozens of resumes but no offers still. I really really really want the graphic designer position at the County Library but it's a long shot without my having a degree. Ask me how unhelpful the staffing agencies have been. Go ahead, ask. Sure, I'll tell you. The first one I went to, which is supposedly the largest in Greenville said they should have no trouble placing me somewhere. (I went to their office as soon as I came here). I phoned and left messages. No one returned my calls. I emailed. No one returned my emails. Finally they call me yesterday and have a cold call sales temp assignment for me which is something they told me about when I came in AND which I told them I wasn't interested in. I'm not sales girl. The second agency told me as soon as I emailed my resume that they didn't have anything right now. After 2 weeks they called and said they had an opportunity. I went to their office and spent 3 hours taking tests. I did go on an interview for a decent position they had for me. That was Monday. No one from their office phoned or emailed me to follow up to ask me how it went. Finally I called today. The company wants to interview more people. The lady thinks I'm overqualified and would be bored. I probably would but it was good money. Another week and I might have to get a retail job until I find something better. I just have to get some money coming in. Why can't I be rich?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

To Ashley

Monday, September 11, 2006

So today is September 11th

I hadn't planned on making any kind of comment about the terrorist attack today. Frankly, I think there's been TOO much of it on the news the last several days. It's not that I don't think the day should be remembered. I just don't think you have to bash people over the head to make them do so. It was such a shocking, horrific day that I don't think any adult will ever forget it. I can't believe it's already been 5 years. That also means it's almost 5 years since my dogs Geri and Whiskers were killed (which took place 3 weeks after 9-11). Is it horrible of me that that makes me sadder? They were my babies and I loved them dearly - rarely went anywhere without them. Each had their own wonderful quirks. As I sit here now, they smile down at me from pictured urns on top of my computer armoire. I just couldn't bear to bury them. My father's ashes also resides there. We didn't have the money to bury him. But I don't mind cremation. Actually it is my wish to be cremated after I die. I don't want a grave that people feel obligated to maintain. And I certainly don't want one that just becomes overgrown with weeds after the loved ones who actually knew me are gone. But I've been thinking a lot lately about the cremation ashes. What's going to happen to my dad's ashes when I'm gone? No one else is going to have that sentimental attachment to it that I do. Will he just be "thrown away"? Hmm...I guess I better make a provision for that in my will. In my own will - which I have written along with a living will - I have stated that I want my family to do whatever makes them happy. If that means scattering my ashes to the 4 winds so be it. After all, I won't be the one unhappy - it will be the ones left behind who grieve. (BTW, if you don't have a will and a living will - GET ONE. Very important.)

So, today is September 11th. What a date.

Friday, September 08, 2006


I just HAD to take a picture of this redneck in WalMart yesterday. I had to do it 'on the sly' with my cell phone. It's mean I know but this guy looked like he had just stepped out of the dictionary under the word 'redneck'. His water boots have hand-written on them "Git-R-Done". The cap is camoflauge. It was just too much.

And I've always like Hal Sparks but him on Celebrity Duets with Wynonna - be still my heart!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Great Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. It was great. Last night I received a voicemail from my favorite Minnesoteans. :)

Check out the cake my mom had made for me. She's the best mom EVER!! (I had an Elvis one on my 21st)

I'm on my way now to Best Buy to get my new car stereo installed!! Hell yeah!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Have a good one

I might have just died and gone to heaven. David Boreanaz now has a blog.

I hope he actually keeps it up.

And yay to me - I won first place at Retro Challenge with my Greta Garbo icon. Funny that I dislike Greta and it's the icon I put the least effort into and it won 1st place.

Tomorrow is my birthday and the family is getting together tonight for cake and ice cream. We celebrate 3 other birthdays too but it's not really about them - it's ALL me! :) But seriously, can't wait to see what my Mom gets me. Her gifts rock.

Still can't have internet until the 7th so it might be until then before i can get back here. In the meantime - everyone enjoy their Labor Day holiday!

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