Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yet Another PC

It has been a crazy week. It's my last week at my company. I officially move to Greenville tomorrow. The company laid off 2 people Monday and everyone has been so tense about it. I'm furious myself. They, in my opinion, made horrible choices on who to lay off. But they stayed quite true to their pattern of behavior.

My Acer laptop had a bad optical drive (the audio was scratchy and poppy and dvd images would jump and fade from color to black and white). So Circuit City swapped out my hard drive and gave me another one. It had the same exact problems. So I had to take the 2nd one back. This time I went with a Gateway. I know some people groan at the mention of Gateway but I don't get the hate. My old computer is a Gateway - I've had it for 9 years with no problems. Plus it was either this one or an HP and I didn't like the screen and overall set-up of the HP. These were the only two that had the same quality of components for the price I had spent on the Acer.

I had to lose the 17" screen and 10key pad which is a bit sad but I gotta say I don't miss the weight. This 15.4" model is 2lbs. lighter and much easier to carry and use on your lap. Great sound. Very loud for a laptop (I made them demo Elvis cds in the store for me!) I would have liked to have a better software bundle but that's okay. It came with a restore disc which the other pc didn't. I do wish the owner's manual was better. There are no clear specs on the battery and its life. Also, there isn't a guide that tells you what lights mean and what all the function keys are. I love the look and design of the pc.

So overall, I'm happy with this pc so far. But let me give it a full week before giving a deeper review.

no kidding lighter laptops are better! anthony has a 17" and it's a freaking monster. i hate toting it around!
that is one sexy lap top!
Sometime between they year 2000 and now, Gateway has their motherboards all manufactured in Mexico, they tend to go kablooey. I had the same exact computer you did once upon a time, and I did hang on from 98-03, but the constant reformatting, low memory capacity, and general touchiness were enough to make me want to kick it. A lot.

We are now a PC free household. Macs only! Sizzle!
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