Monday, August 07, 2006

New Computer & Weekend Drives

SC had it's tax free weekend and I took advantage of it by buying my new computer.
I went over my budget a bit and got the Acer Aspire AS9411AWSMI for $900.00 (after rebates). It has dual-core Intel Core Duo processor T2050, 1GB of 533MHz DDR2 memory as well as a 120GB ATA hard drive. I like the built-in webcam and DVD capabilities. Most techies probably wouldn't care for it too much because it's a desktop replacement notebook meaning it's 8.4 lbs. therefore not as convienent to tote around. But I, realistically, probably won't tote it around that much so I wanted the large 17" screen and the keyboard that includes a 10-key pad which I use constantly.

The things I'm not loving about it are:
1. that it came loaded with the following software:
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition
Acer Arcade, GridVista and Launch Manager
Norton AntiVirus
CyberLink PowerProducer
Adobe Reader
NTI CD-Maker

however Circuit City & Acer didn't give you any hard copies of the software. The pc prompts you to burn a back-up disc immediately when you turn it on. For $900.00 you should get the hard copies of the software. And booklet information about them. I put a dvd in and 4 different programs wanted to open it. I need to know what the difference is between the programs? I shouldn't have to turn myself into Sherlock Holmes to find out what my brand-new computer has on it.

2. Circuit City included in the package a McAfee Internet Security Suite cd. Once I installed this it is taking about 8 minutes for my computer to start up. No lie. The pc doesn't have a fast processor already and this cd is slowing it waaaaaaaaay down. I'm going to have my IT tech here at work take a peek at it and tell me if all of that McAfee and Norton is neccessary on there. Because I can't deal with the long startup time!

We took a drive out State Park Road in Greenville this weekend and went into Traveler's Rest. Pretty country-esque area. We found a house for sale on 7.5 acres that had beautiful pastures and a view of Paris Mountain. Unfortunatley it cost $459,000 dollars. SO, we won't be buying it. It was fun though to drive and explore the areas new to me. I look so forward to being able to do that more when I move up there (which should be in the next 2 weeks!)

It's amazing how a car ride through the country can wear you out:

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