Thursday, August 10, 2006

Big Moves

I finally presented my boss with my proposal. It went as I expected. He told me he'd have to think about and said that he'd let me know by Friday afternoon which was when I requested. He mentioned they might propose to keep me on as a consultant paid for time worked. That could be okay depending on pay rate and the amount of hours I'd be given.

Aaaaaaaaaand we're veering off to the left.

So You Think You Can Dance rocks my socks off! The dances are amazing - the choreography so emotional and stunning. My two picks from the beginning have made it into the finale. The top 10 go on tour soon and they'll be in Greenville October 18th. You better believe I'll be there. If it's awesome to watch on tv - in person it'll be fantastic!

I have a constant pain in my neck for playing on my new computer too much!

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