Monday, July 31, 2006

Techy Talk

So my computer is antiquated (by comptuer standards). The meager 64mb SDram memory won't allow me to load a platform newer than Windows 98 and not many current softwares will work with 98. Therefore, I have a problem.
So, Hubby and I have been shopping around for pcs. We're leaning a bit towards a laptop now (or notebook shall I say) but I haven't completely marked the desktop off of my list. They have their advantages. Our main requirements are; dual core processor for multi-tasking, at least 1024mb of memory and at least a 100gb hard drive so I can load it up with fun stuff. With those requirements you're pretty much going to get a system that has your dvd+rw double layer, etc...
We're looking at perhaps the Acer Aspire. We'll spend just about the same amount for a desktop once we purchase a monitor.

The laptop offers mobility for sure. While you're sitting up at the hospital waiting for your niece to be born you can entertain yourself in the waiting room by doing some work or watching a dvd. You can easily check your email at a wireless cafe while on vacation. So many options. But here's the thing. People rarely get this one notebook pc and little else to go with it. We are an accessories nation. Do I want to be burdened with a backpack of equipment to be toting around? Because once I have it I know I will. I'll be walking out the house and say "Will I need my pc? Weeeeeelll, I might." And then I'll pick it up and tote it with me. Upon reaching my destination, I'm not gonna want to leave it in the car - so I'll have to tote it with me again.

Plus, while the laptop offers pretty much everything I'll need now - what about in the future. I know the Acer (shown above) has expandable memory but will that be enough expansion power?

And what about the screen? It comes with a nice 15.4 viewable screen but I really strain reading a 15" screen at a high resolution. I think I'd kinda like to have a large 19" monitor. It makes a huge difference.

Ack! Decisions are not my forte.

On another techy note; I picked up a 1gb USB flash drive today. It's an Ativa and I got it at Office Depot for $25 (no rebates, thankyouverymuch!) What a cool little tool. Say goodbye to having to burn cds just for transferring data. This guy is shorter than a stick of gum, extra light and easy to use. I didn't even have to load any software or drivers. Fantastic. You do, however, have to have a computer that's not antiquated. I will have to plug mine into my grandpa's pc and burn down all my data on his because the USB won't work with Win98. Understandable.

Speaking of USB drives - they now make them in extremely cool and convienent styles. Imation offers the unit in a wristband style or a clip. Let's hear it for versatility!


I TOLE You BSG was the Shiz!
I Loves me some Starbuck! And Chief!

BTW, if you are thinking about getting a laptop...consider the MacBook can run windows on it, so you wouldn't have to learn a whole new Operating System, plus it has a TON of features most laptops don't. I love ours.
Sorry babe, the cheapest one is $2000.00. I'm not rolling in that kind of dough!
::drools over the macbook pro::

::considers selling her eggs::
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