Monday, July 17, 2006

Superman Returns

I saw Superman Returns over the weekend. Hubby & I went to the 10:00PM showing. With only 6 other groups of people in the theater though - we feel like we missed most of it. I was SO PISSED.

First, two couples brought toddlers. What happened to kids having bedtimes? Who brings kids to a 10 o'clock movie?

1 couple also had an infant. Their's weren't TOO bad although they did make noise that caught my attention.

The other couple, which sat on the row in front of us a little to the left, was awful. The woman talked to her kid in her normal tone of voice throughout the film (instead of whispering). He apparently dropped something at one point and was allowed to swing around a little blue light for about 3 minutes looking for it.

Then, with maybe 15 minutes left in the film - the climax of the movie - this woman comes in with 2 young kids and sits down in our row. They're talking, making all this noise so I SHHHHH!! them really loudly. They lower their voices but don't stop talking. Then, the bitch pulls out her cell phone (LIGHTS!) and STARTS MAKING A PHONE CALL!! Hubby was PISSED!!

I was so distracted that I felt like I really missed the movie.

What I did gather though - Brandon Routh was HOT!! I wish I could say more about the film but I really couldn't concentrate on it enough to. :(

You should have complained to one of the managers at the theater.

Also, if you are in the movie for under 30 mins or less, they should have been able to refund your ticket, no probs. Past that, it would be complimentary passes for movies after 2 weeks of being run in the theaters.

I have yet to see the movie. From what you could see, was it any good??
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