Wednesday, July 26, 2006


One of the hardest things about being married is when you enjoy something that your spouse doesn't understand. I LOVE being on the computer, making avatars and chatting on boards. Hubby doesn't like it and therefore, doesn't like for me to do it either. And for some reason it REALLY aggravates him when I sit on the computer at home. Even if it's only 1 hour (which to me, is no time at all). I could understand if I were in naughty chat rooms and do something a married lady shouldn't but I don't. And I don't keep any of my online activity a secret from him. I don't think he's even bothered at what I'm doing online but rather the amount of time I could spend doing it and not paying attention to him. Does he even conciously realize he wants my attention? I doubt it. I've been trying to think this morning if there is anything that he does that causes me to criticize him. I don't guess he really does anything right now but when he went to the gym he would be gone for 3 hours and I would unreasonably be annoyed by that. I mean, how in the hell can it take 3 hours at the gym? What the heck are you doing there? He said he'd run, rinse off, swim, rinse off, sauna, shower. And he takes his time at everything he does so of course - that all would take him 3 hours.

I guess I'm just going to have to ask him to understand that this is what I like to do for fun. It's my ME time - chatting, blogging, photoshop-ing. I'll just have to also try and be understanding of whatever hobby he wants to pick up and let him have his HIM time. If he will. He doesn't seem as concerned with having alone time as I am.

I went to the tiny Greenville Zoo yesterday. The animals were in a pissy mood. They'd be running around and playing, I'd walk over and they immediately just sit down with their backs to me as if to say "Great. Another fucking human." I was only able to get a couple of shots and they're not very good. The squirrel and gator made me giggle though. And there is NOTHING cuter than a baby orangutan. The waterfall was just a landscape feature but all these wild birds were have a spa-day so I took a picture.

On the way to the zoo Hubby & I saw this group of 5 kids riding their bikes - they looked around 10 - and they all threw their trash on the ground in this beautiful park. Hubby screeched the car to a halt -despite the traffic behind us - and yelled at the kids "Hey! Why do you have to litter like that, huh?" Scared the shit out of the kids.

God knows, I love him.

3 college guys picked up applications for our rental property. If they return them and their credit checks out okay - we could have the house rented which means I could be making the move to Greenville soon. What a long transition this has been.

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