Monday, July 31, 2006

Techy Talk

So my computer is antiquated (by comptuer standards). The meager 64mb SDram memory won't allow me to load a platform newer than Windows 98 and not many current softwares will work with 98. Therefore, I have a problem.
So, Hubby and I have been shopping around for pcs. We're leaning a bit towards a laptop now (or notebook shall I say) but I haven't completely marked the desktop off of my list. They have their advantages. Our main requirements are; dual core processor for multi-tasking, at least 1024mb of memory and at least a 100gb hard drive so I can load it up with fun stuff. With those requirements you're pretty much going to get a system that has your dvd+rw double layer, etc...
We're looking at perhaps the Acer Aspire. We'll spend just about the same amount for a desktop once we purchase a monitor.

The laptop offers mobility for sure. While you're sitting up at the hospital waiting for your niece to be born you can entertain yourself in the waiting room by doing some work or watching a dvd. You can easily check your email at a wireless cafe while on vacation. So many options. But here's the thing. People rarely get this one notebook pc and little else to go with it. We are an accessories nation. Do I want to be burdened with a backpack of equipment to be toting around? Because once I have it I know I will. I'll be walking out the house and say "Will I need my pc? Weeeeeelll, I might." And then I'll pick it up and tote it with me. Upon reaching my destination, I'm not gonna want to leave it in the car - so I'll have to tote it with me again.

Plus, while the laptop offers pretty much everything I'll need now - what about in the future. I know the Acer (shown above) has expandable memory but will that be enough expansion power?

And what about the screen? It comes with a nice 15.4 viewable screen but I really strain reading a 15" screen at a high resolution. I think I'd kinda like to have a large 19" monitor. It makes a huge difference.

Ack! Decisions are not my forte.

On another techy note; I picked up a 1gb USB flash drive today. It's an Ativa and I got it at Office Depot for $25 (no rebates, thankyouverymuch!) What a cool little tool. Say goodbye to having to burn cds just for transferring data. This guy is shorter than a stick of gum, extra light and easy to use. I didn't even have to load any software or drivers. Fantastic. You do, however, have to have a computer that's not antiquated. I will have to plug mine into my grandpa's pc and burn down all my data on his because the USB won't work with Win98. Understandable.

Speaking of USB drives - they now make them in extremely cool and convienent styles. Imation offers the unit in a wristband style or a clip. Let's hear it for versatility!

Friday, July 28, 2006

I love my husband

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Grease mania

Check it ^ my first purely Photoshop header.

I've been on a Grease icon making frenzy. And there are more to come later because I am working my way through the movie. Here's what I have so far:

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


One of the hardest things about being married is when you enjoy something that your spouse doesn't understand. I LOVE being on the computer, making avatars and chatting on boards. Hubby doesn't like it and therefore, doesn't like for me to do it either. And for some reason it REALLY aggravates him when I sit on the computer at home. Even if it's only 1 hour (which to me, is no time at all). I could understand if I were in naughty chat rooms and do something a married lady shouldn't but I don't. And I don't keep any of my online activity a secret from him. I don't think he's even bothered at what I'm doing online but rather the amount of time I could spend doing it and not paying attention to him. Does he even conciously realize he wants my attention? I doubt it. I've been trying to think this morning if there is anything that he does that causes me to criticize him. I don't guess he really does anything right now but when he went to the gym he would be gone for 3 hours and I would unreasonably be annoyed by that. I mean, how in the hell can it take 3 hours at the gym? What the heck are you doing there? He said he'd run, rinse off, swim, rinse off, sauna, shower. And he takes his time at everything he does so of course - that all would take him 3 hours.

I guess I'm just going to have to ask him to understand that this is what I like to do for fun. It's my ME time - chatting, blogging, photoshop-ing. I'll just have to also try and be understanding of whatever hobby he wants to pick up and let him have his HIM time. If he will. He doesn't seem as concerned with having alone time as I am.

I went to the tiny Greenville Zoo yesterday. The animals were in a pissy mood. They'd be running around and playing, I'd walk over and they immediately just sit down with their backs to me as if to say "Great. Another fucking human." I was only able to get a couple of shots and they're not very good. The squirrel and gator made me giggle though. And there is NOTHING cuter than a baby orangutan. The waterfall was just a landscape feature but all these wild birds were have a spa-day so I took a picture.

On the way to the zoo Hubby & I saw this group of 5 kids riding their bikes - they looked around 10 - and they all threw their trash on the ground in this beautiful park. Hubby screeched the car to a halt -despite the traffic behind us - and yelled at the kids "Hey! Why do you have to litter like that, huh?" Scared the shit out of the kids.

God knows, I love him.

3 college guys picked up applications for our rental property. If they return them and their credit checks out okay - we could have the house rented which means I could be making the move to Greenville soon. What a long transition this has been.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Terminology & TV

Have you ever noticed that everyone calls the main city area "downtown"? What ever happened to "uptown"? That's always bugged me for some reason - although I'm just as guilty as everyone else.

I've told most of my friends but for those who I haven't told. You must get this cd:

Her songs are honest, eloquent and have simple but enduring melodies. I'm totally in love with it.

I've been sucked back into reality competition tv. Every summer I say I won't let it get me and then what do I do? This year I've been watching So You Think You Can Dance and it is SO much more entertaining than the singing competitions. The judges actually give REAL criticism on this not just - "you look so beautiful". They actually make comments based on techniques and movements. And the choreography is just wonderful. Plus, they don't drag out who's going to be eliminated.

I've also been watching Last Comic Standing. It's good for some chuckles.

It's been forever since I mentioned Rescue Me. It kicks TOTAL ASS! Denis Leary rocks. I REALLY hope he wins the Emmy, although I know he probably won't because the show isn't as popular as the main networks shows. That's too bad. It really is one of the best things out there.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Superman Returns

I saw Superman Returns over the weekend. Hubby & I went to the 10:00PM showing. With only 6 other groups of people in the theater though - we feel like we missed most of it. I was SO PISSED.

First, two couples brought toddlers. What happened to kids having bedtimes? Who brings kids to a 10 o'clock movie?

1 couple also had an infant. Their's weren't TOO bad although they did make noise that caught my attention.

The other couple, which sat on the row in front of us a little to the left, was awful. The woman talked to her kid in her normal tone of voice throughout the film (instead of whispering). He apparently dropped something at one point and was allowed to swing around a little blue light for about 3 minutes looking for it.

Then, with maybe 15 minutes left in the film - the climax of the movie - this woman comes in with 2 young kids and sits down in our row. They're talking, making all this noise so I SHHHHH!! them really loudly. They lower their voices but don't stop talking. Then, the bitch pulls out her cell phone (LIGHTS!) and STARTS MAKING A PHONE CALL!! Hubby was PISSED!!

I was so distracted that I felt like I really missed the movie.

What I did gather though - Brandon Routh was HOT!! I wish I could say more about the film but I really couldn't concentrate on it enough to. :(

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's been a stressful few days

3:30 Wednesday morning my PawPaw woke me up and asked me to take him to the emergency because he was having severe chest pains. He gets to come home today. He wound up having to have two stints placed into his heart because of blockages. It all went well but he's not going to be able to lift anything for awhile.

I've stayed home the past two days to take care of MawMaw while he's gone. I wouldn't have it any other way, but it is extremely exhausting. I can't believe how much he does at 70. He's really amazing.

Monday, July 10, 2006

A Warning

I went to Greenville this weekend. It was nice to see all my belongings. I got to hold them and croon to them before I had to abruptly abandon them again.

So perhaps I'm a bit too attached to my things. But I do indeed miss them. Not having the things you've collected through the years of your life, near you makes you feel wierdly disconnected. I'm ready to have that "grounded" feeling back. We looked at some houses that were for sale in our neighborhood. We're not really in the market to buy but I couldn't resist. One is an EXCELLENT buy for a flipper. Technically we could buy it but then we'd be right back in the same situation with having to hold 2 payments. So, we sighed deeply and acknowledged that we'd have to let someone else get this one. Too bad. Fantastic deal. Just some exterior work and landscaping and you could make a great flip. I would love for my Aunt Cici to buy it and live near me, but that's never going to happen and I'm just living in fantasy land.

Before I move on to the inevitable picture post, I wanted to give everyone a bit o advice about We made a purchase from them recently for the first time. We order Advantage flea control for our pets. We've used Advantage on them for years and never had a problem. At all. Well, when we received our order from them we noticed the product did not smell as strong as it usually does and it was much less yellow - more clear- than the other orders we've gotten. Despite this, we used it anyway. Ever since, we have been battling fleas and ticks. And not just 1 or 2 here. Abby got covered. Hubby & I must have spent 2 hours picking through Abby last weekend. We've bathed her and checked all the other girls. We thought that perhaps I miscalculated the dosages (because we buy dosage for 1 large dog and then divide it up amongst them according to their original prescription) SO we tried putting a bit more on the dogs. But the stuff just isn't doing its job. I'm highly frustrated. At this point, I would have to go on the safe side, and not order Advantage from this site. Perhaps it's not their fault but it must be their suppliers. Poor Abby is scratching her skin bloody. I've been giving her Benedryl but still she scratches. I can't stand having fleas and ticks around.

On to better topics.
I think this picture of Ariana turned out beautifully.

Nature Meets Man

The sod that Hubby has worked so so hard on is taking off well. The grass he laid 1 week earlier is so much greener. It just loves his custom built sprinkler system.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blogger Oh I Miss You So

I want desperately to have enough time to delve through all my favorite blogs today. Unfortunately I don't think it's going to happen. I've already been goofing off enough today and the pressure is on to get my work finished up. I've got to start surfing blogger again, commenting like crazy. We all do. That's what's gonna get blogger back on it's feet (from, i imagine, the smackdown caused by myspace.) Hopefully, I can do that tomorrow or Monday. I'm going to Greenville this weekend where I don't have a computer.

Look, my first award from Retro Challenge at Livejournal:

Here is 1 Lucille Ball avatar I made:

Some songs that my dear Ms. Adventures has gotten me totally hooked on. The first one is a gospel song but my GOSH does it make me wanna shake my ass!
Kirk Franklin - Looking For You
Cee Lo - I Think You're Crazy

Monday, July 03, 2006


I found this old picture today. It makes me laugh because I remember making it. It was taken in '85 by my Aunt Cici in Brunswick, GA. Jon (my older brother) & I were pretending to be a caveman & his woman he's dragging back to the den. My brother stuck spanish moss down his shorts as a "costume". He didn't realize that the moss was full of chiggers. He soon found out. heh heh heh

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