Friday, June 16, 2006

Quick Post Before I Leave

I'm taking off from work today at noon. I'm going to mosey down to Brunswick GA to visit family. You can expect to see lots of photos. Especially now that I have my tripod. I was totally loving that thing last night. I told Hubby now I want to hang a backdrop and set up props! Playing photographer/model is so much fun! It makes me feel 15 again.

If anyone needs some custom graphic work done, email Jen. She's easy to work with and extremely nice. She just made this photo for me. It's a gift for my sister who never got to know my Dad. The picture of my dad is manipulated into the picture to look like he's at my sister's graduation. I think it's just so touching.

I'm am SO glad I got an mp3 player this weekend before I start my 4 hour trek to GA. I would have DIED with nothing but fm radio all the way there and back. Oh, I got my allergy test results yesterday (and another 20 shots in my arm BOO!). Apparently, I'm allergic to every type of grass and weed that they test for. Dust mites of course are my enemy. (I knew that one). I intend to fully use this to my advantage when it comes to housework! ;) I also had a high allergy count to trees. Other lower yet positive reactions were to cat and dog dander and some molds/mildews. Therefore, the allergist now wants to be go on allergy shots. I'm trying to decide. Most of it hinges on money. With my upcoming move to Greenville, I may be out of a job for awhile. That means - no insurance. Without insurance it will cost $42.00 a week. $168.00 is a lot of money to have to shell out every month. Of course, the alternative is to keep popping pills the rest of my life which I loathe.

Ah well, enough about my lovely sinuses. Off I go to have a fabulous weekend! Hope you all have a great one!

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