Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"You love until you don't, You try until you can't"

I've gotten nothing done today. Not even non-work related things that I intended to do today.

I've been so absorbed in livejournal - going through all the various Buffy and Angel related communities - there's no way to concentrate on anything else. There is just SO much to see there that it's pretty overwhelming. I don't want to friend ALL of those communities and people. Because, it'll be rather confusing when looking at my blog. I guess I'll just have to bookmark them the old fashion way.

I remembered my Open Letter to Joss Whedon today. I must finish that. I also must harrass Bethies into setting up the site for it. Or I should do it myself. But it's her idea and I don't want to steal it. But my vision of it is probably different than hers.

Rescue Me premiered last night as was a great season 3 opener. They must be the most f*cked up group of people ever created. But I love it. Dennis Leary is totally sexy.

We think we're going to be able to close on the house next week. I'll be so relieved. So will Hubby since he's carrying most of the financial burden. This realtor has been very professional. An extreme improvement over the last one. When we've closed, I'm going to write a letter of complaint to that realtor's office and to the realtor's association. It might not do anything except make me feel better. But that's okay.

My sunburn (it's really more of a tan now) is starting to itch. My portable cd player in my car has completely died. It's been dying a slow death for awhile. I only paid $40 for it and I've had it for almost 2 years so I guess I've gotten my money's worth out of it. I can't decide whether I want to get a cd player in the car or an mp3 player. I think I might just get both. I mean, I gotta be realistic. If I get an mp3 player - I'm probably only gonna get a 512mb (maybe a 1gb but probably not) and it's only gonna hold about 100 songs. Well, what about all my cds that I already have? Am I supposed to rip them all onto the computer and then load them onto the mp3 player? That's tedious. And then am I supposed to leave off my mp3s because the player is filled with the ripped music? Hmmm...I think I'm talking myself into the cd player as I type. For the car. Maybe I'll still get the mp3 player for non-car listening.

I watched some more Angel season 3 last night. I love it and I hate it. I'm so torn. While I am riveted by the acting and David's hunkiness, I hate where they took the storylines for the major chunk of seasons 3 & 4. The first 8 eps of season 3 are fantastic and there are others scattered about that I love but for the most part - the prophecy, the Angel/Cordy relationship, the shutout of Wes - it all just kills me. Why can't the fangirl in me just be happy that they are there and not nitpick it to death?

And on that note, I must sign off. I have a doctor's appt. Chiao! (to the maybe 2 people who read this blog).

yes I know I have an "h" in chiao - that's how it's spelled in spanish.

I just got a wordpress account and have been filling the empty time with getting that up and running. Good luck with the house, I hope it closes!!
what's wordpress? how is it different from blogger/myspace/livejournal? I just love playing with layouts.
I personally don't listen to all my CD's all the time- My 512 MB player holds at least 4 CD's worth plus various other songs.
I really only have a handful of songs I listen to at one time- very rarely an entire cd. I would buy the MP3 player first and see if you like it for the car- if not I'd go ahead and buy the CD player too- But if I were you I'd go ahead and buy a whole unit to replace your car stereo instead of getting an external player- the cost is comparable.
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