Tuesday, May 02, 2006


well don'tcha know that since I wrote that this morning, Nora just called me.

She said she just woke up but she sounded rough. She says she's just had an extremely busy semester. After I prodded a bit and told her how much I miss her she said that she has kinda "cut herself off from everyone". I told her I know it's been a crazy year with so much change but that I am always here for her no matter what - she just has to not shut me out. She seemed to get a bit choked up. We then lightened the mood and began talking about other things. She did mention she got fired from her daycare job because she showed up late. I hope she's not partying or sleeping around to deal with depression. That scares me for her. I love my brothers very much but I feel a very special sort of protection for my sister. We talked about dinner and she told me I should come up to her campus tonight and meet her friends and we could have dinner. I'm going to call her at 5 though and see if she answers the phone. If not, I know she's blowing me off again.

I know what it's like to have a sibling ignore you. I called my brother today and our conversation was notably short.

As in, he did NOT feel like talking to me.
College is an experience like no other. Some people warm to it well, while others go through a very rough patch. I couldn't handle the transition from high school to college. I feel off the edge. I stopped talking to my friends. I treated my family like strangers...strangers that I didn't even like (for no particular reason). People deal with it in so many different ways. I never like to admit it, but I take comfort in the fact that I KNOW my sister will always be there for me when (if ever) I want to open up about it.
thanks michaela. i'm hoping this is something that she pulls through. and that she'll let me be there for her!
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