Thursday, May 18, 2006

Selling Woes

The move. Argh. Can we say DUMBASSES?!

Per our contract we were supposed to close on the 15th. All last week, we didn't hear anything from anyone so I called the real estate agent (who we agreed to pay a 3.5% commission). Each time she was like, "I'll call you back" and then she wouldn't. Finally she gave my husband the mortgage company's number. I called them and they said, "Oh we're just waiting on a few more documents. We should close Tuesday or Wednesday. We've never heard from them again. We've placed multiple calls to the realtor. The last call, on Tuesday, she told my husband "I'll call you back in 20 minutes." and never did. So hubby and I have basically said, "Well screw them then." Technically the contract is null and void since it states closing by the 15th. We showed the house 3 times yesterday and one couple in particular seemed really interested. They've called us today and said they're going to fax us an offer this evening. Keep your fingers crossed.

I made a B/A wallpaper today. Photobucket compressed it though. The original is 1024x768.

lyrics: Missing You by Jem
texture: trex-tures

the small lyrics say:
my happiness disappeared the moment you were gone, now all i'm feeling is lost and numb, I miss you and it's killing inside, it feels like somebody's stabbed me in my heart, want you by my side, walking, holding hands, talking, making plans, touching my heart, my soul

I made some LOST signature banners for a friend:
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Hey honeypea.. Listen send them to me and I can do the loan for them.. I have several lenders and would always be able to tell you the truth. Thats what I do is mortgages.
Very good photo skills!

Sucks about the house! Those idjets. Oh well I hope something pans out for you with the new people.
Thats so wierd, we were JUST talking about that. If it's still available around Christmas let me know, my friend Carrie wants to buy a house in Irmo.

I miss you!!
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