Friday, May 12, 2006

It's Friday again!

I had a delightful anniversary. No bump and grind because we tired and full. We'll make up for it this weekend - when we're not at the grandparents house! :)

Hubby got me a gift card, which I'm very pleased with. His card read, "Happy Anniversary - to someone who's seen me on the toilet and loves me any way." I laughed. It's so typical us. My Momma got me a beautiful bouqet of yellow tulips - my favorite flower and a digital camera - which I've been wanting so badly! I'm terribly excited! Look for lots of upcoming pictures of my face. :) My grandparents paid for our dinner. That was so nice of them.

My Bee moves tomorrow. It makes me feel so sad. She's leaving and That 70's Show is going off the air. What a sad week indeed.

I'm crazy in love with the Jem album. You should definately get it! The lyrics will satisfy any deep romantic like me while the modern rhythms will satisfy the pop enthusiast. (more info here)

Happy Anniversary!
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