Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Grey's Anatomy Ramble

The finale of Grey's Anatomy emotionally beat me up last night. I even dreamed about Izzie & Denny. It just completely broke my heart.

I knew they were going to kill him. I just desperately wanted them not to.

I had missed the part with the xrays. I saw it last night when they repeated the ep. Thanks for pointing that out for me.

I BAWLED last night. I cried when Meredith and Derek put Doc to sleep. And then I started all over again when I saw Izzie lying with Denny. I think it was an important move to further her character's development.

I hear that next season Mark (McSteamy) is supposed to be back for an extended period of time. I think they are going to split up Derek & Addison. They are a time bomb any way because he doesn't love her. I like Addison. Mark is hotter any way.

When Meredith & Derek were going at it - all I could think about was "Pull the curtain! Pull the curtain!" and then I thought - "Man, she's got some knobby knees!"

I don't like Callie, George's girlfriend. This sounds horribly mean but I think she is very ugly and it totally distracts me. But he was the same sweet George telling her that he had to be honest. He's so wonderful. I just wish he'd grow his hair back out. I hate the Beaver look.

I think the writers really like Burke & Christina together because I would have figured those two to fall apart by now. I guess we see what their story will be for early next season.

I LOVE Bailey!! :) She cracks me up! I love her spunk and I love her underlying sweetness.

DAMN YOU WRITERS!!! You make me hate Alex and then you go and let him do something heroic or sweet and give me doubts! Argh.

I like that they let Denny die quickly and gently. But I'm still heartbroken.

This show is incredibly addictive.. Even Bump likes it. We now have Tivo and he makes me record everything. I am with you on Callie.. But I think that she will turn sweet on us. She is just trying to fit in, b/c she knows that George is never gonna leave the "family". Also I hate the way they are styling his hair.. I don't think that the cut would be so bad if they didn't give him the part and practically glue it to his head. My favorite part was when all of them were standing there looking at Izzy lying with Denny and in walks Alex and picks her up. you just cannot deny the chemistry there. Love the pics and did you get the David Boreanz (sp sorry) link to People magazine.. I saw it and thought of you and tried to send it if you didn't get it go to people.com and look for him.
Awww! You were thinking of me!! *LOVE* I did see it. Thanks! :)

I think Izzie & Alex have good chemistry. But I prefered Denny. I just loved him so much! That smile! Ahhhhhh...

I really was a basket case last night. Red, swollen face, hard to breathe - the whole nine yards.
O'Maley quit lookin' at my va-j-j!!

I had to work tonight, so was unable to see the season finale. Is Burke okay? Did Izzy get in big trouble?

I have a hunch that they're going to break Derek and Addison up. I tend to nitice very small details on shows (and movies) many times it hints at future story lines... Did you notice on Sunday's episode that Addison was dressed and had the overall aura of a bitch...It surprised me because through much of the season she was toned down alot. So toned down that I actually started to like her. Now she reminds me of when we first met her...Makeup was almost harsh and she was dressed in all black..

Maybe I'm not getting anywhere with that theory but oh well...I LOVE GREY'S ANATOMY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm totally addicted. But I gotta say, the finale really set me back. I can't watch things like that right before bed anymore because I keep thinking about it and then can't fall asleep.
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