Monday, May 01, 2006

Gotta blog fast and get to work

...I soooooo should be doing work right now.

What a fantastic weekend. It felt like I had a real break and it was nice. Friday night I took my time wandering through Walmart. I purchased some makeup and one of those eye lash curlers. I also bought 3 pairs of panties, a yard work bra, and a pretty bra that is just fantastic. It's amazing how you can just tell a good bra when you put it on - it's a Vassarette. My shopping trip was not entirely successful however. I was unable to find blinds in the size I need, unable to find the jeans I wanted and when I got to Sally Beauty Supplies at 8:30 - they were already closed! Kinda early for a Friday night, huh?

Saturday we slept in, then grabbed some biscuits for breakfast. Loaded up in the truck with the dogs - we headed out to our rental property. However, we got distracted by 3 garage sales - one of which Divas very own, Bee. It was fun to chat with her for a bit and a lady who saw Lucy Lulu had to stop and say how pretty Lucy was and how much she loves Boston Terriers. That always makes me feel good. We bought an apartment size stove that looks brand new for $30. We needed it to replace the one in Greenville that is broken. So I was extremely pleased with our bargain buy. We then decided to take the dogs to the park. So, by the time we actually got to our rental property it was after 1pm. I scrubbed down the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets while hubby swept off the roof and hung some blinds. The next door neighbor was having a party to raise money for a dog he'd rescued and they had a live band - so it was nice to have that music to listen to while we were working. That evening after showering, I laid in bed and watched "The Heiress" on TCM (check Divas for my review).

Yesterday I had raging sinus headaches and slept the majority of the day. But I think my body needed it. I've gotta see an allergist soon about these sinus headaches. Today, I think I'm going to continue the hunt for that pair of jeans, make a return trip to Sally Beauty Supplies and check into lawn furniture cushions as a present for Momma. It's her Mother's Day choice of presents.

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