Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Goings On

I finally saw THESE GIRLS last night!! I loved it! I thought it was really funny. And David Boreanaz was so sexy that I got that butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling, specifically during his first encounter with Caroline Dhaveras. And those black briefs - geez, I practically melted!!! I loved the soundtrack too.

So the original contract is void. Due to it stating we would close by the 15th and Hubby & I never hearing from them. Thank goodness we had someone else stop to look Wednesday night. They've already made us an offer and we've accepted it. It's actually a better deal for us anyway. And it seems that there realtor is quite professional and has all his shit together. The only bad part is that closing probably won't be until approx. June 15th. I'm so ready for this to me over with.

Today, Hubby and I are off to work on our rental property some more. It's almost finished inside except for the carpet which installers should be calling about soon. There's still LOTS to do in the yard, but all of that can be worked on as people are living in the home. Gotta get the money coming in, ya know? We had a big thunderstorm this morning and I think that has us dragging our feet to get out of here.

My brother's girlfriend, Mellie, is supposed to be having my niece today. The doctor broke her "membrane" (i think) yesterday. My Mom is beside herself. My niece's name will be Isabella Grace. Isn't that pretty? Mellie's mom wants to call her Izzie and my Mom says, "I don't care what they call her - I'm going to call her Grace." I think that's pretty disrespectful but I couldn't say anything to anyone about it. It's my opinion that they are the parents and that everyone should call the baby what they want the baby to be called. Oh well. Not my battle.

The allergist prescribed Allegra for me but due to extreme dizziness - which has lasted over 24 hours now (off & on) I won't be taking it any more. It's a real bitch to not be able to walk without stumbling to the side.

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