Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Code, Smoking & Scrubs Finale

I'm seriously tired of hearing everyone talk about the "controversy" of The Da Vinci Code. Why is this controversial? The author has publicly said that it is fiction. Why does christianity feel so threatened by this? Is this film really going to affect christianity any more than The Seventh Seal or any other religion-based movie? I seriously doubt it. Myself, I think it looks rather great. I might check it out. And why is it premiering at Cannes? I thought that was an independent film festival?

I want smoking banned from public restaraunts and bowling alleys. Also skating rinks - places where there tend to be a lot of kids. It was recently up for vote here but was shot down and sent back to committee. Yesterday I heard several lawmakers want to drop property tax here but to recoup the costs - they want to raise the taxes on cigarettes. Now I have family members that smoke so I'm not just trying to be an ass. But I think if the smokers have the right to endanger the health of other people - hell yeah - let 'em pay more. What money I saw on taxes, I'll probably have to use to buy sinus headache medicine after I go bowling.

The Scrubs finale. You know I can't avoid talking about it. I pretty much knew what was coming but that didn't make me like it any more. The jokes were funny as always but I felt the major storyline for JD was awfully awfully rushed. I like how they threw us for a loop with the pregnancy. We all guessed Jordan would be pregnant - since the Christa Miller is pregnant in real life but I wasn't expecting there would be 2 pregnancies. I don't want JD to have a baby with a character that he doesn't even know well. It seems unlike JD to be so irresponsible. I just feel sad about it. Maybe it's because I'm pmsing (and I'm always easy to cry during this time of the month). Maybe it's because I've already been upset over the Grey's Anatomy season finale. Maybe it's because I'll have to wait until not September, but JANUARY to receive a resolution for this storyline. I still want JD & Elliott together. I will go down with this ship.

One more rant, I don't like that my vet's office can charge me $13 per pet to release their prescriptions so I can order it from a place that won't gouge me. I think that is totally unfair of any doctor's office to do. You pay them a lot of money and then they want to charge you to get what is rightfully yours?? Pussy asses.

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