Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"You love until you don't, You try until you can't"

I've gotten nothing done today. Not even non-work related things that I intended to do today.

I've been so absorbed in livejournal - going through all the various Buffy and Angel related communities - there's no way to concentrate on anything else. There is just SO much to see there that it's pretty overwhelming. I don't want to friend ALL of those communities and people. Because, it'll be rather confusing when looking at my blog. I guess I'll just have to bookmark them the old fashion way.

I remembered my Open Letter to Joss Whedon today. I must finish that. I also must harrass Bethies into setting up the site for it. Or I should do it myself. But it's her idea and I don't want to steal it. But my vision of it is probably different than hers.

Rescue Me premiered last night as was a great season 3 opener. They must be the most f*cked up group of people ever created. But I love it. Dennis Leary is totally sexy.

We think we're going to be able to close on the house next week. I'll be so relieved. So will Hubby since he's carrying most of the financial burden. This realtor has been very professional. An extreme improvement over the last one. When we've closed, I'm going to write a letter of complaint to that realtor's office and to the realtor's association. It might not do anything except make me feel better. But that's okay.

My sunburn (it's really more of a tan now) is starting to itch. My portable cd player in my car has completely died. It's been dying a slow death for awhile. I only paid $40 for it and I've had it for almost 2 years so I guess I've gotten my money's worth out of it. I can't decide whether I want to get a cd player in the car or an mp3 player. I think I might just get both. I mean, I gotta be realistic. If I get an mp3 player - I'm probably only gonna get a 512mb (maybe a 1gb but probably not) and it's only gonna hold about 100 songs. Well, what about all my cds that I already have? Am I supposed to rip them all onto the computer and then load them onto the mp3 player? That's tedious. And then am I supposed to leave off my mp3s because the player is filled with the ripped music? Hmmm...I think I'm talking myself into the cd player as I type. For the car. Maybe I'll still get the mp3 player for non-car listening.

I watched some more Angel season 3 last night. I love it and I hate it. I'm so torn. While I am riveted by the acting and David's hunkiness, I hate where they took the storylines for the major chunk of seasons 3 & 4. The first 8 eps of season 3 are fantastic and there are others scattered about that I love but for the most part - the prophecy, the Angel/Cordy relationship, the shutout of Wes - it all just kills me. Why can't the fangirl in me just be happy that they are there and not nitpick it to death?

And on that note, I must sign off. I have a doctor's appt. Chiao! (to the maybe 2 people who read this blog).

yes I know I have an "h" in chiao - that's how it's spelled in spanish.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Weekend Summary In Pictures

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Black Sheep

I think one reason that I was so attached to my Grandma S. is that I felt like she was "all mine". My Aunt Cici was extremely close to her but as far as the grandkids, it was all me. My other grandparents have always been obvious in their preference with my brothers (my MawMaw coming right out and saying it to me). My Mom has always connected with my brothers on a different level than me and I just feel like she loves them more.
This really doesn't hurt me. I don't feel unloved by my family. I just know I'm not the favorite. I think people tend to gravitate towards the children that have their personality type. My ex-stopmom favors my brother Rivers over my sister Nora because Rivers is just like her. I don't think it's concious on the adult's part. It's just the way it is.
I'm not very much like my Grandparents, my Mom or my siblings. I am however very much like my Aunt Cici and my Grandma S. True, my basic characteristics are very much like my mother; we laugh alike, we're both loud, we both adore animals, we're both very sensitive, controlling and impatient. But when you delve deeper into me - my love for big band music, my sense of humor, my taste in television shows and cult(ish) phenomenon - it's all from my Grandma and Aunt.
There was never any competition for attention with Grandma. She was always there for me and let me truly be me. No judgements. No snickers at my interests/opinions. When I was younger, gathered with my family I often felt "me against them". So many times my Mom and brother would laugh at me and I would just cry in frustration because I felt they didn't "get" me. I still don't feel they do but I don't cry anymore. I am secure in who I am. And I like who I am. I do feel sad though that they can't see exactly who I've become.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Goings On

I finally saw THESE GIRLS last night!! I loved it! I thought it was really funny. And David Boreanaz was so sexy that I got that butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling, specifically during his first encounter with Caroline Dhaveras. And those black briefs - geez, I practically melted!!! I loved the soundtrack too.

So the original contract is void. Due to it stating we would close by the 15th and Hubby & I never hearing from them. Thank goodness we had someone else stop to look Wednesday night. They've already made us an offer and we've accepted it. It's actually a better deal for us anyway. And it seems that there realtor is quite professional and has all his shit together. The only bad part is that closing probably won't be until approx. June 15th. I'm so ready for this to me over with.

Today, Hubby and I are off to work on our rental property some more. It's almost finished inside except for the carpet which installers should be calling about soon. There's still LOTS to do in the yard, but all of that can be worked on as people are living in the home. Gotta get the money coming in, ya know? We had a big thunderstorm this morning and I think that has us dragging our feet to get out of here.

My brother's girlfriend, Mellie, is supposed to be having my niece today. The doctor broke her "membrane" (i think) yesterday. My Mom is beside herself. My niece's name will be Isabella Grace. Isn't that pretty? Mellie's mom wants to call her Izzie and my Mom says, "I don't care what they call her - I'm going to call her Grace." I think that's pretty disrespectful but I couldn't say anything to anyone about it. It's my opinion that they are the parents and that everyone should call the baby what they want the baby to be called. Oh well. Not my battle.

The allergist prescribed Allegra for me but due to extreme dizziness - which has lasted over 24 hours now (off & on) I won't be taking it any more. It's a real bitch to not be able to walk without stumbling to the side.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Selling Woes

The move. Argh. Can we say DUMBASSES?!

Per our contract we were supposed to close on the 15th. All last week, we didn't hear anything from anyone so I called the real estate agent (who we agreed to pay a 3.5% commission). Each time she was like, "I'll call you back" and then she wouldn't. Finally she gave my husband the mortgage company's number. I called them and they said, "Oh we're just waiting on a few more documents. We should close Tuesday or Wednesday. We've never heard from them again. We've placed multiple calls to the realtor. The last call, on Tuesday, she told my husband "I'll call you back in 20 minutes." and never did. So hubby and I have basically said, "Well screw them then." Technically the contract is null and void since it states closing by the 15th. We showed the house 3 times yesterday and one couple in particular seemed really interested. They've called us today and said they're going to fax us an offer this evening. Keep your fingers crossed.

I made a B/A wallpaper today. Photobucket compressed it though. The original is 1024x768.

lyrics: Missing You by Jem
texture: trex-tures

the small lyrics say:
my happiness disappeared the moment you were gone, now all i'm feeling is lost and numb, I miss you and it's killing inside, it feels like somebody's stabbed me in my heart, want you by my side, walking, holding hands, talking, making plans, touching my heart, my soul

I made some LOST signature banners for a friend:
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Code, Smoking & Scrubs Finale

I'm seriously tired of hearing everyone talk about the "controversy" of The Da Vinci Code. Why is this controversial? The author has publicly said that it is fiction. Why does christianity feel so threatened by this? Is this film really going to affect christianity any more than The Seventh Seal or any other religion-based movie? I seriously doubt it. Myself, I think it looks rather great. I might check it out. And why is it premiering at Cannes? I thought that was an independent film festival?

I want smoking banned from public restaraunts and bowling alleys. Also skating rinks - places where there tend to be a lot of kids. It was recently up for vote here but was shot down and sent back to committee. Yesterday I heard several lawmakers want to drop property tax here but to recoup the costs - they want to raise the taxes on cigarettes. Now I have family members that smoke so I'm not just trying to be an ass. But I think if the smokers have the right to endanger the health of other people - hell yeah - let 'em pay more. What money I saw on taxes, I'll probably have to use to buy sinus headache medicine after I go bowling.

The Scrubs finale. You know I can't avoid talking about it. I pretty much knew what was coming but that didn't make me like it any more. The jokes were funny as always but I felt the major storyline for JD was awfully awfully rushed. I like how they threw us for a loop with the pregnancy. We all guessed Jordan would be pregnant - since the Christa Miller is pregnant in real life but I wasn't expecting there would be 2 pregnancies. I don't want JD to have a baby with a character that he doesn't even know well. It seems unlike JD to be so irresponsible. I just feel sad about it. Maybe it's because I'm pmsing (and I'm always easy to cry during this time of the month). Maybe it's because I've already been upset over the Grey's Anatomy season finale. Maybe it's because I'll have to wait until not September, but JANUARY to receive a resolution for this storyline. I still want JD & Elliott together. I will go down with this ship.

One more rant, I don't like that my vet's office can charge me $13 per pet to release their prescriptions so I can order it from a place that won't gouge me. I think that is totally unfair of any doctor's office to do. You pay them a lot of money and then they want to charge you to get what is rightfully yours?? Pussy asses.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Grey's Anatomy Ramble

The finale of Grey's Anatomy emotionally beat me up last night. I even dreamed about Izzie & Denny. It just completely broke my heart.

I knew they were going to kill him. I just desperately wanted them not to.

I had missed the part with the xrays. I saw it last night when they repeated the ep. Thanks for pointing that out for me.

I BAWLED last night. I cried when Meredith and Derek put Doc to sleep. And then I started all over again when I saw Izzie lying with Denny. I think it was an important move to further her character's development.

I hear that next season Mark (McSteamy) is supposed to be back for an extended period of time. I think they are going to split up Derek & Addison. They are a time bomb any way because he doesn't love her. I like Addison. Mark is hotter any way.

When Meredith & Derek were going at it - all I could think about was "Pull the curtain! Pull the curtain!" and then I thought - "Man, she's got some knobby knees!"

I don't like Callie, George's girlfriend. This sounds horribly mean but I think she is very ugly and it totally distracts me. But he was the same sweet George telling her that he had to be honest. He's so wonderful. I just wish he'd grow his hair back out. I hate the Beaver look.

I think the writers really like Burke & Christina together because I would have figured those two to fall apart by now. I guess we see what their story will be for early next season.

I LOVE Bailey!! :) She cracks me up! I love her spunk and I love her underlying sweetness.

DAMN YOU WRITERS!!! You make me hate Alex and then you go and let him do something heroic or sweet and give me doubts! Argh.

I like that they let Denny die quickly and gently. But I'm still heartbroken.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Digital Camera Madness

So for my anniversary I got a digital camera! Whoo hoo!! It's a Kodak Z740, 5 megapixels, 10x optical zoom, 32 mb internal memory and it shoots video with audio. I bought an extra 256 mb memory too so I would have more video space.

I have had a lot of fun taking pictures this weekend with it.
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Mother's Day was nice. The weather was off and on rainy but it was cool so we were able to spend most of it on the back porch. My husband taught a bunch of us to play dominoes and I kicked his butt. That was great! I hope all Blogger mom's had a wonderful day!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

It's Friday again!

I had a delightful anniversary. No bump and grind because we tired and full. We'll make up for it this weekend - when we're not at the grandparents house! :)

Hubby got me a gift card, which I'm very pleased with. His card read, "Happy Anniversary - to someone who's seen me on the toilet and loves me any way." I laughed. It's so typical us. My Momma got me a beautiful bouqet of yellow tulips - my favorite flower and a digital camera - which I've been wanting so badly! I'm terribly excited! Look for lots of upcoming pictures of my face. :) My grandparents paid for our dinner. That was so nice of them.

My Bee moves tomorrow. It makes me feel so sad. She's leaving and That 70's Show is going off the air. What a sad week indeed.

I'm crazy in love with the Jem album. You should definately get it! The lyrics will satisfy any deep romantic like me while the modern rhythms will satisfy the pop enthusiast. (more info here)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Good 'Ol Randomness

I miss the old "What would you do-oo-oo for a Klondike bar?" commercials. Those were always funny. The York Peppermint Patty commercials as well.

My Lucy Lulu gives the sweetest kisses.

My anniversary is Thursday the 11th. Please email me for the address to send gifts to.

I miss getting excited over a new John Travolta movie.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


well don'tcha know that since I wrote that this morning, Nora just called me.

She said she just woke up but she sounded rough. She says she's just had an extremely busy semester. After I prodded a bit and told her how much I miss her she said that she has kinda "cut herself off from everyone". I told her I know it's been a crazy year with so much change but that I am always here for her no matter what - she just has to not shut me out. She seemed to get a bit choked up. We then lightened the mood and began talking about other things. She did mention she got fired from her daycare job because she showed up late. I hope she's not partying or sleeping around to deal with depression. That scares me for her. I love my brothers very much but I feel a very special sort of protection for my sister. We talked about dinner and she told me I should come up to her campus tonight and meet her friends and we could have dinner. I'm going to call her at 5 though and see if she answers the phone. If not, I know she's blowing me off again.

Feeling Good and Feeling Reflective

My husband told me that I look sexy this morning. That's a rarity. I think I can count on one hand how many times he has complimented me. I don't think he does it intentionally - he just doesn't think like that. But it felt so good to be told especially when your ego needs it. (I think it's the new blue jeans). Now if he can only remember our anniversary on the 11th...

I'm feeling good right now about the direction of my life. I mean, it's going to be a bit tough - I've got to learn a new city, meet new people, etc... I have to learn to live in a MUCH smaller home than I'm used to and practically share my personal space with the house being a duplex. But I think if I keep myself intent on our long term goals - I should be okay. Selling our home in Irmo, and renting the other apt. of our duplex in Greenville - we'll be saving a lot of money. This way we'll able to get rid of our debt and move towards our ultimate goal - work for ourselves and build our dream home. I know we can do this. We just have to stay focused.

My sister hasn't spoken to me in almost 6 months. I don't know why. We didn't fight or anything. She's 18 and a freshman in college. She's had a rough couple of years. Our Dad dying, her mom and stepdad seperating, having to change schools, etc... So I wasn't surprised that she joined a sorority when she began college. I think she needs to feel involved/wanted in something. I believe these social obligations keep her busy. But in 6 months, she can't call me? And her college is only 30 minutes away. It really worries me. Is she harming herself by her lifestyle? Her mom, of course, won't tell me anything. I try to phone Nora (did just this morning). I leave her voice mails saying "Hey, I just want to know you're okay. I love you. Call me." and she never returns my calls. I don't know if she is avoiding me because of something I've done or if she is just having emotional issues of her own. Which even if she is - I would want to help her through them. I just HATE this not knowing. If I knew where on her college campus to go - I'd show up at her door. I'm so worried about her.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Gotta blog fast and get to work

...I soooooo should be doing work right now.

What a fantastic weekend. It felt like I had a real break and it was nice. Friday night I took my time wandering through Walmart. I purchased some makeup and one of those eye lash curlers. I also bought 3 pairs of panties, a yard work bra, and a pretty bra that is just fantastic. It's amazing how you can just tell a good bra when you put it on - it's a Vassarette. My shopping trip was not entirely successful however. I was unable to find blinds in the size I need, unable to find the jeans I wanted and when I got to Sally Beauty Supplies at 8:30 - they were already closed! Kinda early for a Friday night, huh?

Saturday we slept in, then grabbed some biscuits for breakfast. Loaded up in the truck with the dogs - we headed out to our rental property. However, we got distracted by 3 garage sales - one of which Divas very own, Bee. It was fun to chat with her for a bit and a lady who saw Lucy Lulu had to stop and say how pretty Lucy was and how much she loves Boston Terriers. That always makes me feel good. We bought an apartment size stove that looks brand new for $30. We needed it to replace the one in Greenville that is broken. So I was extremely pleased with our bargain buy. We then decided to take the dogs to the park. So, by the time we actually got to our rental property it was after 1pm. I scrubbed down the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets while hubby swept off the roof and hung some blinds. The next door neighbor was having a party to raise money for a dog he'd rescued and they had a live band - so it was nice to have that music to listen to while we were working. That evening after showering, I laid in bed and watched "The Heiress" on TCM (check Divas for my review).

Yesterday I had raging sinus headaches and slept the majority of the day. But I think my body needed it. I've gotta see an allergist soon about these sinus headaches. Today, I think I'm going to continue the hunt for that pair of jeans, make a return trip to Sally Beauty Supplies and check into lawn furniture cushions as a present for Momma. It's her Mother's Day choice of presents.

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