Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wish I could post more but I'm busy

I'm still working my way through season 2 of Scrubs so I shall continue my list of love:

2.6 My Big Brother

* JD named his chest hair Clancey!! lol (I love the continuity of JD naming things)
* Cox: "Will people stop calling me Chief?" Kelso: "Hey Numbnuts!"
* Kelso: "It's nothing personal son. You just make me sick." Doug: "He called me son!"
* JD jumping with his karate hands when the janitor scares him
* jealous JD in the restaraunt (I always love jealous heroes - like Angel)
* Turk dancing (as always)
* Janitor knocking the papers out of JD's hands
* Kelso laughing with the gorilla gloves at the end - that was a great shot
[I] I love the how the epsiode prior to this one featured JD & Carla working through a fight and this ep had Turk & Elliott doing it - they were really working hard at forming relationships with each character[/I]

2.7 My First Step

* Kelso catching Heather Locklear's blow kiss
* JD showing her his "tushy" (multiple times)
* Janitor doing the bathroom dance holding his butt cracked me UP!
* The whole entrance scene of Locklear cracked me up with JD's sultry look and Carla "Damn. What? She's hot."
* I liked Turk stealing Cox's steak when he wasn't looking
* the bunji jump. I love how nervous Zach acted. it made JD seem so much more real

2.8 My Fruit Cups

* Laverne: "You look pretty!" Elliott: "Thank you!" and her hair looks like a rat's nest LOL
* Turk falling asleep while listening to the patient's heart at the free clinic!! He nailed that!
* the "Perry gonna get some lovin" dance
* "Paging Dr. Backbone to the bajingo ward" LOL
* the whole prego Jordan vs. Heather Locklear was funny
* the moment with Cox & Jordan in the bathroom was super sweet

2.9 My Lucky Day

* Ted: "Oh god! A good lawyer couldn't win this case!" ([B]ALWAYS[/B] love my ted)

2.10 My Monster

* Turk: "Yea! Playa!"
* JD & Laverne about her breasts "Kudos!" "Mmmhhmm!"
* "What? You don't own that!"
* JD: "Perry." Cox: "Perry?" JD: "Yeah, I'm trying it out."
* Todd: "How's your penis?"
* [COLOR="Red"]HOT[/COLOR] sex scene!! I must admit, I watched this a few times! - great song use too
* LOVE LOVE LOVE JD: "This is exactly what I wanted" - he made me swoon here.

2.11 My Sex Buddy

* JD: "What to do, what to do, what to do..."
* Kelso called JD "assface" LOL
* great song use at the end "Tell Her This" although it makes me sad

2.12 My New Old Friend

* LOVE Mr. Corman the hypochondriac patient. I think he's one of my favorite guest stars
* JD named his car Maleek! (there's that continuity again!)
* Elliot: "I don't feel weird." JD: "I don't feel weird." Laverne "I feel weird."

2.13 My Philosophy

* Carla: "What are you guys talking about?" Turk: "Nothing. Guy stuff." JD: "Bitches and Hos"
* locker room fantasy was cute
* Ted: "You're a wonderful man."
* Kelso: "Thank you. I think I speak for all the men here when I say 'We'll live'"
* Ted: "Hot damn." and running into the locker when he sees exhibitionist Nancy
* Ted: "Sir, I feel so happy for you I could crap."
* Ted: "I feel I would be more productive if my phone dialed out."
* Elliott and Ted blowing kisses
* LOVED the musical ending - very beautiful and sweet

2.14 My Brother, My Keeper

* JD singing (ALWAYS a favorite)
* Kelso talking about uggos "Sorry." JD: "Why would I take offense to that?" Kelso: "No reason."
* the whole slave exchange was funny
* Janitor: "I don't know why you keep doing these things to me!" LOL

2.15 His Story

* Elliott telling mullet guy to back off
* I love Zach's delivery of the line "Check out these fries!"
* JD: "She's got jungle fever!"
* JD running with those sparklers! so cute!
* Cox's therapist was so funny!
* Doug all sweaty and beat up looking!! LOL
* ***JD singing Kung Fu Fighting and then sequeway into scary music ***
* JD: "Did you climb down an elevator shaft just to torment me?" Janitor: "Sometimes you do what you gotta do."
* I like how Cox's pat on JD's back transfers the voice over

2.16 My Karma

* JD: "..friends and...nurse roberts" Laverne: "Now don't be getting all pissy. You said 'Everyone come, it's on me. You didn't say anything about 'Except Lobster'" JD: "I said no shellfish!"
* getting to see jealous JD again
* Cox: "...she was in her 40th hour of labor." Jordan: "Did you explain to her that it's my room?" Cox: "I started to but then she screamed, grunted and pooped on the table." LOL!! That line killed me!!
* Kelso: "Perry, I just drew this eyebrow in 5 minutes ago."
* Cox: "I beg your pardon there Backdraft?" LOL
* interesting that this ep had a momentary Elliott voice over
* interesting that Cox says the same line Heather Locklear said to him in My First Step "Look at that - I bounced back"
* Jordan throwing something at the OBGYN and the you hear the doctor yell "Ow! My face!" LOL

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