Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tales Of An Ordinary Girl

I love having Ewan McGregor sex dreams. It makes me feel so relaxed. And yet not.

I have not bitten my fingernails in 4 - count 'em 4 days! This is a major acheivement!

I saw on the Today show this morning that the Everglades forest is having a major problem with Burmese Pythons. The park rangers think that people get these exotic snakes for pets not realizing how hard/dangerous they are to keep and then just end up setting them free. Well the freed pythons are reproducing rapidly. Which is normally a good thing in a nature preserve - but you get too much of a certain species breeding too fast and there can be a lot of problems. Like the rabbits in Australia for instance.

The showed pictures of a python eating a crocodile. Yes. I said CROCODILE. The python later RUPTURED from it. Ew. Let me say that again, EW.

I'm very much against exotic animals as pets. It's stupid and dangerous.

I was in SuperPetz the other day (and by the way, I hate that store. PetSmart is so much better) and they now have Ferretts!!! There was one that was gray with a white belly who was looking at me, he/she kept putting it's little paw up on the glass and would then do some little trick for me. It was practically screaming "TAKE ME HOME!!!"

Thank god I was broke or I would have!!!
They have a store on Lake Murray Blvd called Animal Supply House and they have gophers. Absolutey adorable but I'm thinking these really shouldn't be pets. They had them in glass aquariums at floor level. You should have seen Ariana checking the thing out.
Yea I'm against exotic pets too. People get in too deep fairly often. Besides they're not usually very cuddly like dogs or cats, I wouldn't want one.
I'm against snakes as pets in the first place!

And I completely agree with no exotic animals as pets. That's what a zoo is for!
Don't even get me started on the pointlessness of snakes as pets.

I'm with you Michaela.

Pets should be cuddly.
i'd have a pet snake if i could...just so i could feed it crocs and watch those everglades bastards die! do trouser snakes count? sorry, couldn't resist.
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