Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tales Of An Ordinary Girl

I haven't been blogging much lately I guess. I promised I was going to really get back into it and start perusing other blogs. But honestly, I've been working a lot more. I haven't made any fanart in a week!! *pauses for moment of reader shock to pass*

I did listen to a David Boreanaz podcast interview with TV Guide the other day (of course I made time for that!) He made me just about fall out of my chair when he said:
"Well, like that we did -- that was a digitally affected shot, but we were actually hoisted up about forty feet in the air, so it was pretty high. And -- and that was more crunching on your nuts than anything else, so that was painful. I mean, y'know, literally... y'know, I'm Italian so that's... that's a big package there to crunch."

and also when he was acting flirty:
TVG: "Yeah, we definitely want to see the wild side."
David: "Yeah, you will, baby."

Katie Couric announced this morning that she will be leaving the Today show and while she was saying how much she was going to miss everyone she pointed out Matt Lauer and said, "And like Dorothy said to the Scarecrow - I think I'm going to miss you most of all." I got choked up. I'm such a girl.

I filed officially for eviction of my tenants yesterday at the magistrate's office. It cost $40! Doesn't that just suck ass? My tenants haven't paid me, so I gotta pay to kick 'em out.
I'm starting to feel strained by all the things I have going on - I've got to handle all this stuff with the rental property (get the tenants out, clean the house, prep it, place ads, interview new tenants, etc..). Meanwhile, I'm conversing with a couple regarding my house for sale. They want to see it again Thursday. The wife REALLY wants it - I know. I just need to see if the husband is as enthusiastic. AND at some point in between I have to file our taxes.

I really wish my husband was here to take some of these duties away from me.

You ARE such a girl! LOL!

I know how hard the pressure can be, hang in there!
You need to call Rent-a-Hubby!
You need Michaela to come over and help you out. I kick some non-paying-tenants ass!

take a deep breath and everything will be better in an hour!

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