Friday, April 21, 2006

Last night I was totally useless. I tried to not be first. I tried to roam around outside but I was getting bug bites so I scampered inside again. I'm bored. I don't want to watch tv constantly but there's nothing else to do at my Grandparent's house. And I'm too broke to go anywhere.

So, I did a big 'ol NOTHING last night except watch tv. Smallville was the usual - same cheesy dialogue they've had for years but then a spectacular Clark Kent moment at the end. It was thrilling to finally see him expose his powers to Lionel Luthor. And it's always awesome to see Clark using his powers so effortlessly. I flipped during commercials to Survivor. But I've lost interest a bit in this season. I also watched Supernatural. I love this show. Other than the fact it has a really hot cast (Jeffrey Dean Morgan?!), the stories are always interesting, the dialogue between the brothers/dad is engaging and the filming is always just as good as a low budget horror flick. At times, it has been downright scary to me - something that's not common with television. I don't think Buffy or Angel ever succeeded in scaring me. But Supernatural has. The head writer must have a degree in psychology or be an extremely observent person because the behavior of the brothers and their interaction with their father is so dead on with a family in their situation.

Anyhow, the episode last night dealt with vampires. I love to watch vampire shows/movies because every one acknowledges different myths. One might choose to have the vamps susceptable to garlic - others won't. And the vampires always look and/or act different. Last night's Supernatural had the vampires looking extremely human except that their eyes glinted in the light - like a deer and when they began to feed an entire second set of teeth descended from their upper gums. Which was totally cool.

I really want to make a longer (non-tv) post but I have a lot of work to do today and I must get started.

link to roach story

i hate days like that. or nights. unproductive nights. *sigh*
OH MY GOSH that was incredibly creepy!! That was one HELL of a smart wasp that first figured out it could do that!
tag! You're it!

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