Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's A Great Day To Be Alive

A few things that are currently rocking my world:

We came to a verbally agreement on a contract for my house last night. The buyers just have to fax over the final paperwork this morning and we'll be moving on to appraisals and inspections. Here's hoping to everything working out perfectly!

I haven't bitten my fingernails in 3 weeks! GOoooooooooooo me! I can actually scratch someone now! (so don't go pissing me off)

I love the Oil of Olay body lotion with a hint of sunless tanner. It's not an extreme look - which is what I wanted.

I'm getting 10 hours of overtime on my paycheck tomorrow.

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SHOUT OUT for the overtime!!!

I wish I wasn't biting my nails. Harumph.

Also, WAY TO GO on the house thing! Let's celebrate! I think I'm going to the Art Bar for iPop! this friday. I feel like Dancing! Care to join?
what's ipop?
Super!! Keep off of those nails or yours ;)!!
Do you looked tanned now?
ALL very good things!! GO YOU!!

I'm diggin the sunless tanner stuff too! WOO!
iPop is basically DJ night at the Art Bar, they play mostly 80's pop remixes. 'Tis awesome.
Ooh that sounds fun
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