Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fan Forum is still down so you'll have to listen...

I think Whirlpool's slogan "Inspired by You" is fantastic (from a marketing pov)

I think it's tasteless to air the 911 calls from the 9-11 victims. Those should be private.

I started working my way through my new season 2 of Scrubs dvd last night. I like the selection of special features but they weren't made very well. I tried to watch the commentary on My Case Study - definately in my top 10 fave episodes - and Ken Jenkins was obviously sitting on top of the microphone while Bill Lawrence hung out in the back of the room. So you had to turn the volume waaaaaaaaaay up to hear Bill. Therefore, I was unable to listen.

During our discussions of fave Scrubs episodes over on the forum, I noted that I have always loved My Overkill and a few people have stated that they didn't care for it so much. While listening to the commentary for this episode I thought it was interesting that Bill said, "I worked my butt off on this episode and the studio hated it because they thought it was too artistic but it has turned out to be a fan favorite." Their rule of thumb should be "If Crystal likes it....."

My highlights of the Scrubs eps 2.1 to 2.5 (this will be the moment for non-scrubs fans aka "freaks" to scroll down)

2.1 My Overkill

2.2 My Nightingale
2.3 My Case Study
2.4 My Big Mouth
2.5 My New Coat

Who has been airing the 911 calls? I heard bits & pieces of some of them on the 'CNN Remembers 9/11' dvd, but those were tied in with family interviews, etc. I'm sure the families gave permission for those.

I do see your point though. It feels like eavesdropping on something extremely private.
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