Friday, April 07, 2006

The Blogging World

I resisted the urge for quite some time to have a livejournal account. I feel some sort of loyalty to Blogger - I guess because this is the first place I came to really enjoy online journaling.

But I have developed so many online friends that share my interests (aka obsessions) and make so much great fanart and they pretty much all use livejournal. SO I'm going to try it out. I named it Tales of An Ordinary Girl as well so to avoid confusion - if I ever mention it - it will be #2 and this (blogger) will be #1.

Bee, Ash & I have decided to give the Divas blog some serious attention. We are going to commit ourselves to writing in it more and try to make it feel like a regular publication (which was our original vision). We each have designated posting dates & themes. Mondays ~ me ~ tv & movies, Wed ~ Ash ~ Home & Health, Sat ~ Bee ~ Music & More. That's not to say we won't also post about other things or that we might dabble in each other's categories - but this will be the main focus. Maybe we should give the place a new look for the new start. Hmm....

I've gotta speed this up now..I gotta pee...

Apparantely Dateline will air a segment on MySpace during their next episode. I don't get the big buzz about that place. How did it become so popular in the last year or so. It's probably been around for awhile but it's like it just took a sudden leap over the last year. I personally don't like it. It's hard to explain why. It's like I almost feel claustraphobic going there - it seems there is too much for the eyes to take in. And it seems cluttered and disorganized. Which it's not I suppose. It just takes a bit more effort to weed through how it works. I think when sites have an overabundance of features it makes it feel that way.

Maybe you're more of the Friendster type.

Livejournal, bah!!!

I want sex, too! Well, I mean I always want sex, but I'd like for that to fall under the "& More".

OOH! Also, VH1 is giving Ice-T his own Pop Culture show! You KNOW how much I love Ice-T!!!
yeah i saw that. i'll have to check it out. i only know him from suv & a conan appearance but i like him on those!

well good thing you don't have to like livejournal for me to have a blog there.
actually...I HAVE a livejournal.

it's dumb though
Ughh I don't like Myspace! My sister tells me it's not much different than blogger...which is why I slap her everytime she says it!

I miss the 3 Diva's dishing it like it really is! I'm so excited to visit Diva's 2.0!
divas 2.0! LOL
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