Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Who you talking about? ME?

It's so funny how our perceptions of ourselves aren't often the same as others are of us.

Due to some federal bigwigs coming to audit our company - the boss gave the mandate that we must all "look professional" today (i'm sure the men won't notice the paneling curling off of the walls and the broken molding that hangs off precariously.)

So I, who wears jeans and t-shirts and oxfords pretty much 24-7 had to go to the store last night to purchase a skirt.

And this morning, I come in; feeling uneasy because I know everyone is going to say "wow" due to shock at seeing me "dressed up". Ash smiles at me and says, "You look nice." I reply, "Thanks. I feel awkward." She inquired as to why and I said, "Well, you know. I'm just not very feminine and it feels weird to be kinda girly." (I feel so inept. Like an elephant in a tutu.) Ash looked at me with a puzzled expression and said, "I think you're very feminine. Not in the way you dress, but in the way you carry yourself."

And there you go. Me= one perception. Best friend= different perception. How come people can be so "off" on viewing themselves? Is it being too self-aware or not enough?

Abby is taking her medicine against her will. This means, I have to put the poor 8lb. chihuahua in a headlock and quickly gag her with antibotic. But now, my big girl, Ariana is limping. I checked her paws and see nothing so I'm hoping that she's a little sore from running outside so much during the pretty weather. Now that she has started to go gray on her face, I think about her getting older. I worry about her getting more frail.

I showed the house again this morning to a potential buyer. She seemed to like it okay. She said she was looking for her mother - which would be good because my neighborhood is older, with few youngsters in it. Lord, I pray someone will buy it soon.

I'm thinking of selling my dining table. I hate to. The thought makes me sad because I love my table. But honestly, we don't use it much and we're just going to store it in Greenville because of lack of room. And who knows how long we'll be in this tiny house. It's in great shape - barely been used really but I don't know if I could get $500 for it - which is what I'd want, because people rarely are willing to pay that much for a used item.

Blogger just isn't what it used to be. It used to be a fun "community" of sorts. Although now, it's nice to use it as a true journal too.

I really have a lot of work to do so I need to focus. I also need to do some marketing for my house. So, if I stay on task, I've got a busy day!!


You're right, your view is very different than mine. I'd like to think mine's better :wink:

That sucks about Abby and your dining table. I know you love your table!!

I agree! Blogger has been really lame lately!
hey, we have "important" people coming, too! high priests or some such nonsense. we don't get casual days for 2 weeks! lame. some departments won't let you have drinks/food at your desks. you know, because the impt people are robots. they feel bad when they see that normal people can eat.

Girl, I couldn't do without my Diet Mt. Dew! And after the first head rolled after the wrath of caffeine-deprived Crystal opened up on them; they'd be bringing it to me in buckets!
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