Thursday, March 30, 2006

Not Much To Say Except....

Did you hear about the guy who found a Louis Vitton bag full of 1 Million dollars worth of jewelry and cash and he RETURNED it? Wow. There are still some wonderfully honest people out there.

I saw the strangest thing today. There is some road construction going on near my office. They have 1 lane closed and there were 2 tractors parked there. Well, in between the two tractors - in the middle of a busy intersection, on the hot ashphalt - this construction worker was doing push-ups. It was seriously weird looking.

screw that. i'm all for honesty and stuff, but i would have SO kept at least SOME of the jewels.

"Nope, that was all that was in there.... sorry you're missing some."
lol - well you ARE being honest! :)
I gotta tell you about this...

Waaaaaaay before me & Bobi started talking (okay, a Week before we started talking) I signed up at I just got a wink from a gentleman in Hephzibah, GA named "Snake". His headline reads "Very, very nice male looking for my match."

That second 'very' gives me the creeps.
hmmm. That's amazing. I'd have kept the bag!

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