Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Mind Is Full

Momma and I finally talked a couple of weeks ago about her boyfriend. She started the conversation by saying, "I know you're just worried about me, but I need you to trust me to make good decisions for myself." And I told her that I do trust her but that I am also scared because I don't know the guy and I'm worried about her compromising her recovery. We talked awhile over different points and she assured me that she was blunt with him about her recovery coming first. That made me feel a lot better.
I met him this past Sunday. He seemed extremely laid back. Pretty rednecky but nice I guess. He loved my dogs and they seemed to love him right away. My Abby, who never lets people pet her until they've been over at least 10 times, was snuggling all up to him and let him rub her head. I gaped.
Well, last night Momma sorta let it slip that he is living with her. Here comes the scary knot in my stomach again. I knew she'd be like this ~ balls against the wall, all in. It's just moving so fast. She was talking about her irks about living with someone again and I just responded with, "Yeah, it's hard to adjust to living with someone when you're used to living alone." But in my head I was thinking, "Oh Lord. Please don't let her get crushed by this."

I showed my house to another person last night. She seemed to like it very much. She's actually rented a home on my street before so she knows the neighborhood and likes it. She has two kids that go to our schools and so she wants to be in our neighborhood for them. When asked if we had any one else looking at the house I said, "Yes, we have a lady who is checking out her options." So, she said she was going to talk with her mortgage lender and get back to me this week. I'm praying she comes through.

I've had to start eviction procedures on our tenants. It's so un-fun to evict someone but I'm worried about the clean-up and the re-renting portion. I told my husband that he needs to be prepared because it's going to be unbelievably stressful to me to work on selling my house, keeping the lawn mowed, keeping it clean, etc...AND interview prospective tenants, order background/credit checks, keep that lawn mowed, keep that house clean, etc...That's just a whole lot for one person to do while they work full time.

Wow that's a lot of stress going on.

Man you're mom's not trying to break things to you easy? Just dropping bombs here and there doesn't make anyone feel any better.

Good luck with the new prospect! I hope it turns out too!

Eviction sucks. I wish they weren't forcing you to do that, but you guys have been nice enough already.
When I was growing up and my mom would go on dates, I always thought it was ackward and strange...for me.

Then I got older, and it didn't get any easier. I think it's always strange for us.

LOVE the new template, BTW. Good work!!
I finished season 2 of Angel, now I need to watch the special features.

Numfar, do the dance of Joy!!!!
I love the Dances Of (Emotion)!!

Sorry to hear about your eviction stuff... I didn't know you rented out! that's gotta put some ching in your pocket though, right?

Hope things go better for ya; I'll start burning Angel Season 3 soon, may it do ya fine, say thankya.

(+Pi points to whoever points out what that references)
The pop culture retard does not know the reference.

It's a small profit which currently just goes to bills.

Angel season 3 *yay*
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