Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My 1 Year Anniversary

I just realized that yesterday, March 14th was my 1 year Blogger Anniversary! I cannot believe that I have maintained a blog for an entire year of my life. I've decided to repost my very first post:

My List of Hotties:
My husband ; I-get-to-actually-have-it hottie
David Boreanaz ;Grraarr hottie
Zach Braff ; Simply Perfect hottie
Ewan McGregor ; Dishelved hottie
Tom Welling ; Save Me hottie
Harry Connick Jr ; Please-Sing-To-Me hottie
Clive Owen ; Should-Be-The-Next-Bond hottie
Conan O'Brien; Super-Nerdy Hottie
Topher Grace
Owen Wilson
Jude Law
Wilmer Valderama
Christopher Kennedy Masterson
Christian Bale
Matthew McConaghey
Tobey Maguire
Denis Leary
Matthew Fox
Jason Isaac
Breckin Meyer
Jeremy Sisto
Jim Carrey

Old/Dead Hotties:
Elvis Presley
Cary Grant
Gene Kelly
Paul Newman


Good list btw!
Happy 1st year! Now you're a sophomore...time to start paddling the young'uns. can paddle whoever you want, as long as you tell us about it.
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