Wednesday, March 08, 2006


that I was going to be productive today. I wasn't going to browse the internet and I was going to work really hard all day. Well here it is, 4pm and I've done squat. I think I answered one email. Hell, Peter is more productive than me. [Office Space reference for you lame asses that don't know what I'm referring to.]

Only Bobi has joined my forum. DO IT NOW or I'll break your knuckles! David Boreanaz Obsessed It doesn't matter if you're not really obsessed with David.

I was watching the today show this morning and they began a report on lung cancer research (due to Dana Reeves passing *sad*). But here's what bugs. Every cancer research company says that their form of cancer is THE leading cause of death. I'd like to know the for-real statistics. Not that one neccessarily deserves more support than others but I don't like all the false information flying about, ya know?

This particular company was claiming that lung cancer is the no.1 killer yet breast cancer research has much more financial support because lung cancer has developed "a bad rap" ~ people assuming all lung cancer patients were smokers and knew the risk and therefore are somehow less deserving of help. Gotta say, I think she's right.

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