Friday, March 31, 2006

I can't WAIT for this movie!

Suffering Man's Charity

Because Boreanaz is the main character?
Tell me about the movie!!
Love A.C.! Him & David B? That will be SWEET!!!
SWEET! A Boreanaz movie that isn't "Valentine"!!


::whips off shirt, twirls in the air::

i love how visual you make your comments! :)
Well, Karmen, here's the plot from
A weird, uptight music teacher (Cumming) takes in a younger, struggling writer (Boreanaz) and tries to help him, but secretly hold an attraction to him. When the writer starts dating a girl and gets serious with her, the music teacher gets jealous and causes a huge fight that results in the writers accidental death. The teacher then discovers the writers unpublished novel and takes credit for penning it. When it becomes a success, the writer comes back to haunt him.

I love Alan Cumming as well as my man, David.
that's sounds like an interesting movie ;), really my type of movie :)
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