Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Monday Morning To Ya

and what a loveeeeeeeely morning it is!

Not really. It's pretty cloudy but that's one of my favorite lines from Singing In The Rain. If you've never seen it - shame on you.

I had a lazy weekend. I did things but I never left the house and never got out of my sweatpants. Bathed all 3 dogs. That was fun. You'd think that it was torture. I don't get it. Lucy will jump in a creek/pond/lake but freaks out in the bathtub.

Friday night I went to Target and bought my Harry Potter dvd. So I watched that twice over the weekend. I was impressed with the bonus features on the dvd. They had deleted scenes which I believe, is a first. I was dissappointed with zero JK Rowling interviews/feedback. It seems they were really trying to make this film stand apart from the books. I liked the interviews with the 3 main characters though and I liked that they were asked what they look forward to acting from books 5 & 6. There were a lot of behind-the-scenes features which were quite cute. Daniel Radcliffe seems like a really funny guy. He said he looks forward to kissing the girl who plays Cho. That made me giggle. And that Robert Pattinson ~ what a cut up! I also got the impression from the behind-the-scenes clips that Mike Newell was really wonderful with the kids.

Watching the film again, I was able to pinpoint the things that bothered me. I believe that the mystery was lacking in this film and that is largely due to the deletion of Ron, Harry & Hermoine discussing the unraveling clues as they usually do. Without their scheming you really don't get a sense that anything unusual is going on. I think that is a huge gap. There is such a disconnected feeling from the first part of the film with the camp scene to the middle part which is all about hormones and tasks to the last part which is back again at the crux of the story.

I still don't think Brendan Gleeson's Mad Eye Moody "look" was right.

I am blown away by Ralph Fiennes performance as Voldemort. I mean, really, he is incredibly fantastic. He was, exactly as I envisioned Voldemort and incredibly scary. I noticed that he had a forked tongue - something I missed in the theater. I wish this scene had played out a bit more and I don't think Radcliffe played the fear quite well enough but it's still a highlight in the series.

I get angry every time I see Gambon's Dumbledore though. I think Harris was a bit too quite and ancient but Gambon is incredibly too aggressive and loud. I imagine Dumbledore as being a middle ground between these two portrayals. I seem to be alone in this though. Most people seem to think that Gambon is perfect as Dumbledore.

But despite these flaws, I love the film. I think it's amazing, the way the kids have improved and I love the small touches that make it funny - such as all the moments with Fred & George. And the reaction of Magonagall when she sees Ron's dress robes (lol). Amos Diggory makes me cry every.single.time.

I agree with you on Dumbledore... he's a good actor, but just really doesnt ring right with Dumbledore IMHO.

I got the DVD of HP with NO extras. I was SO F'ing mad!

I like Gambon's Dumbledore better, myself.

Love Fred and George.

::naughty thoughts::
Tony you must be like my husband and not actually read the packages.
I like the movie too ;)
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