Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend Tales

What a pleasant weekend I had. Of course, it was the excitement that Beth & Brian had, but still pleasant. Friday night I went shopping but unfortunately didn't find anything I liked. My hubby came home and we laughed and talked and promptly fell asleep.
Saturday we slept in (JOY!), dropped his car off at the oil-change place, over-ate at Waffle House, napped, generally hung around the house and took the dogs to the park. That night we went over to Ashley's house and hung with her and her brood, while allowing her to cook the salmon filets I had brought over. We were a somber crowd but still, it was nice to be around other people.
Sunday morning hubby had to leave early because he got called in to work and we can use the overtime money - so he went. I then took the opportunity to do some cleaning and the neccessary evil of changing the cat's litter box. Then I spent a couple of hours dying my hair and doing my nails. Proof:
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All in all, it was a pleasant, relaxing weekend. We didn't win the lottery but hey. We have each other.

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