Thursday, February 16, 2006

This Isn't The Real Me

So in about 2 hours Bee should be in Bobi's arms. It's crazy how excited I am for them. I really wish I could be there in the airport to witness the moment when they first meet. I picture it like some zany comedy - the squealing, the flailing of the arms, the running into each other. It'd be great.

I thought of the perfect female band name today. Sugardaddy Stealers. Wouldn't that be great? I thought about trying to join a local band once but then I realized, smokey bar at 3am? Not my thing.

Ashley & I were talking today about the silliness of my blog posts. I was saying, I realize that our mutual friend Jodru, often comments on her blog because she makes posts with an actual topic. I know that people often don't know what to say about my "fluffy" posts. It's not that I don't think about more serious /or/ "deep" topics. I do. It's just that I am insanely lazy. To write about a subject beyond the celebrity mush, I have to actually organize my thoughts and I tend to outline them. This can take longer than I want to take to post a blog entry. Therefore, you're stuck with the lighter side of Crystal. But believe me, I'm not an airhead.

Sugardaddy Stealers would be a kickass name.
She isn't an airhead...Most of the time...whatever you do don't let her answer the phone.

oxoxox- Monkey Boy
i get it..

Crystal Lite!!

Crystal, I would SO join your band. Though we'd probably not get much done.

I'm THRILLED for Beth and Bobi too. I wish I could see it too. Even maybe to watch the pivotal moments, like a movie! That'd be GREAT!

I know you're very deep. I'll attest. The light Crystal isn't bad though. I just haven't watched the shows or whatever the subject happens to be, to be able to speak about it.
Whatever, airhead.

Good call on the Nostradamus-like foretelling of our airport meeting; it was pretty much the same thing as what you described. Except Beth dropped her bags; you dropped the ball on that one.

Oh! Get it? She dropped the bags. You dropped the ball. Fuck, I'm funny.

Beth says, "Hi. Bitch."

Oh, and, "PRESENTS!!!1eleven!"
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