Monday, February 06, 2006

thank goodness for great buys

I was a bit down today ~ having had such a good time with my family from out-of-town this weekend. It's always hard to see them go.

Then, the woman who wanted to buy our house basically told me she didn't want it anymore. She was unhappy with our counter-offer. Hey, I can't help it she wants us to practically give the house to her. I'm not going to not make any money off of the sale.

All day I've been dying to purchase Angel season 2. (I also need 3 & 4 but I right now, I really want 2). But alas, I just didn't want to spend $50 on it. But then, whadda ya know...I see on Whedonesque that it's on sale at Amazon for $29.00. WHOO HOO! Too bad I won't be able to watch it tonight but I usually get my orders from Amazon rather quickly so I'm sure I don't have long to wait. (BTW, if you're wondering it's all of Fox's tv shows for 50% off) This has cheered me right up!!

Also, I read tonight that Alexis Denisof will be appearing on Alyson Hannigan's sitcom. Even though I'm not crazy about the show, I'll tune in to watch him! :)

I made two avatars today:
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50% off? This is just maddness! I just may have to take a peek at now!

Cheer up Ordinary girly! Your fellow bloggers love ya!
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