Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More Random Goodness

Wow. I've got 11 comments on my last blog entry. I haven't had that many in a long time. And all from 2 sentences about Hillary Clinton!
And Adam spoke to me! Well not really directly to me, but I must be out of the doghouse!

Since Ashley brought me back my Moulin Rouge dvds, I watched that again last night. And cried of course. But ever since I've had Beck's "Diamond Dogs" stuck in my head. I wish I had my soundtrack cds here with me. :(

I forgot to post this wallpaper with the others yesterday. A glimpse of David ass. *SIGH*

Today's ooey gooey goodness:

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well he doesn't speak to me anymore so i assume i am/was.
What the?

You were in the doghouse?

Bad Adam!

I thought it was ME that was in the doghouse.
You know you're the most popular gal in the blog-o-sphere next to me and Beth!

Yea a woman pres. is a great topic too!
what are you bitches babbling about?!(it's from a flick, don't get mad at me for calling you bitches!). no one was in the dog house or any house except the one that they normally dwell inside. i've been lazy blogger lately.

BAD beth for jumping to conclusion!
Whatever Adam.

You know you're a bad one!
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