Friday, February 17, 2006

A Local Star. Cool.

Last night I was watching Smallville and thought that the guest star was stunningly gorgeous. So I decided to look him up today and lo and behold Lee Thompson Young is from right here in Columbia, SC. Maybe we'll have a local star. Very cool.

So, I was thinking this morning that I would try to make a non-fluffy post but of course the first thing I want to write about his a hot guy that was on tv. Typical, huh? I might write another entry later today but for now, I got things to do.

oh, this guy looks hot :). he has got beautiful eyes :). Smallville right? That show must come to Holland again.. I hate not seeing smallville
He looks hot. I would like to see how he moves though, his mannerisms etc, to decide for sure.
hmm.. that's not such a bad idea..
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