Sunday, February 05, 2006

I Miss the "Old" Blogger

I miss the way blogger used to be. Lots of people reading. Lots of people writing. Lots of people commenting.

It's just not the same any more. :(

I agree on the commenting. I am a bit guilty of that though, so I can't whine too much.
i'm just plain lazy myself. and i'm addicted to myspace, but i don't write too many entries there either.
I'm getting back to my old self again Crystal!

I miss it too! I promise to lurk much more often!!
I'm with Adam on the (rather sick) myspace addiction, although I prefer blogger for blogging.

Just wait unitl blogger has some fun new 'feature', then everyone will be all over that shit again.

I'm not getting many comments either. I thought about just putting up one post that said "Who wants to see Bethies Boobs?" just to see how many comments I'd get.

Plus, you know I find the world 'boobs' hilarious.
I TOTALLY agree with you! Blogger isn't as fun as it used to be, for some reason.
I don't like myspace...I mean I've been to it and seen other peoples space, but I don't have a single interest in getting one myself.

I do like that you can play music there...hint hint blogger spies
yeah. i have a myspace account but i basically only created it so i could look at people's pictures
When did it change, and what changed?
there aren't nearly as many people posting and commenting as there were 1 year ago.
I don't see your complaint when I've rarely had more than 10 comments.

It proves, once again, that you are simply more interesting than I am.

I dont mind people not commenting as much...I mean, I really see it as a journal for me..:-S

I visit peoples blogs but i dont always comment. ;-)
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