Monday, February 27, 2006

History In The Making

I was thinking this morning how cool it would be to see Hillary Clinton elected president in my lifetime. Not only would it be hugely historically significant because she's a woman but because she's also a previous first lady! How incredible would that be to witness in my lifetime?!

I watched a lot of Walking With Dinosaurs this weekend on Discovery. I really really love these shows. The animation is just incredible and the way the shows are set-up so that you follow a certain "character" is highly imaginative and entertaining.

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Wallpapers (one of which photobucket compressed)


I had so much fun saturday night!!!

Yay for Spumanti and Moulin Rouge Duets!!!

You are the bestest!

barack obama before clinton...sorry to say the world, or at least hypocritical americans aren't prepared for a woman president. maybe the chick from commander and chief, at least she's cute and seems to have a soul of some kind
Geena Davis is EVIL.


'Cutthroat Island'???

America might be ready for a woman prez, but only if it's Oprah.

I'd vote for her.
i think america is ready for a female president. I believe that hilary clinton running would cause record numbers at the voting booths too.
Oh. My. GOD.

That header!!!

HEE!! I'm really liking this one myself!! :)
Hillary? No. Too many people are sick of her.

As for Oprah, I will suicide-bomb her if she gets any more powerful/younger. It's just ridiculous! She's a fucking TALK-SHOW HOST! And somehow she's an expert on everything, including foreign policy, the requisite high-level mathematics for analyzing trends in America and the U.S. Tax Code? No.

I've long hated the current trend in America to elect powerful/famous people. The President is the foremost public servant in this country, but he is still a public servant. The more power he's used to, the harder it is to control him and when he is supposed to be obeying OUR popular opinion and isn't... that REALLY pisses me off.

I could go on like this, but I'ma just go back to admiring Crystal's art.

Mmm, wallpaper...
i just don't get all the hate on oprah. i like her.

i don't know how we'd elect a president that wasn't powerful and/or popular - i mean they have to be either or both of those to even get on a primary ticket.
hilary- no way. i have never before used the word flip flopper nor will i ever again after this but damn....she tries to be centrist but just can't seem to get it right. not that i wouldn't mind a female pres or someone, anyone outside the normal old white guy demographic. at least oprah would have everybody reading something.

the dino docs- oh yes! was this the one narrated by avery brooks? that guy could read the fuckin phone book and i'd tune in.
LOL @ Adam!!!!

Hello?!? This country is GOOD at electing celebrities into office. Usually. Ahhhnold does not count.

You may not remember a guy named Ronald Reagan, but he was a celebrity who became Govenor of California and was then president from 1980-1988.

And I believe without a shred of Doubt that Oprah would be a waaaaaaaaay better president than Reagan.

And who CARES what she is? Are we defined by our careers? Does the fact that she hosts a television show somehow mean she's not qualified or incapable of doing the work? That's why I think the phrase 'equal opportunity' needs to be scratched all together. Oprah is more qualified than most people currently in office. She's intelligent, she's a 'man of the people' so to speak, but most importantly she's one of the few people in this country who has come from nothing, realized that 'american dream' and actually DONE something with it. I don't see a problem there.

As for Hillary. I think she would make a formidable president. I believe she would be fair rational, and make the tough decisions as well as any man. Unfortunately, I know that if she runs, that 'record numbers' thing probably won't happen. I thought the same thing when I lived in NC and Elizabeth Dole tried to run. I voted for her in the primary, but the overall response to a woman canidate was lackluster at best.

Which I find sad. So sad.
Right on Sister Bee!!

Yes, but Elizabeth Dole is not nearly as well known as Hillary. Clinton is pretty much a household name.

Hillary is a very smart woman. Sure, she might sometime go with the popular opinion and give in to pressure to vote in one direction versus another - but you show me a male president who hasn't or won't do the same thing. We're talking the presidency here. The most complex job in the world. And people tend to think that the president works alone and makes all the decisions himself. He has a great many people influencing him and helping him make decisions.

Not that you guys don't already know that.

And when did Oprah say she is an expert on everything? She's an opiniated woman. That doesn't mean she's a know-it-all. I think men are very itimidated by a very outspoken, intimidated woman.
i like dominating women- hehe! i would take liz dole anyday! i said that when her hubby was running for pres!
Hey girl, make that 13!
You like dominiating women?!?

Tara will be glad to hear it ;)

Speaking of Clinton, my dad just let me borrow the Bill Clinton autobiography!!! *Sigh* I loves me some Bill. Yes I do.
you love everyone, you big ho.


This coming from the Queen of the Dirty Dream? Yeah I'm taking YOU seriously.

I love Bill like you love an Uncle. Perv.
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