Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More Random Goodness

Wow. I've got 11 comments on my last blog entry. I haven't had that many in a long time. And all from 2 sentences about Hillary Clinton!
And Adam spoke to me! Well not really directly to me, but I must be out of the doghouse!

Since Ashley brought me back my Moulin Rouge dvds, I watched that again last night. And cried of course. But ever since I've had Beck's "Diamond Dogs" stuck in my head. I wish I had my soundtrack cds here with me. :(

I forgot to post this wallpaper with the others yesterday. A glimpse of David ass. *SIGH*

Today's ooey gooey goodness:

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Monday, February 27, 2006

History In The Making

I was thinking this morning how cool it would be to see Hillary Clinton elected president in my lifetime. Not only would it be hugely historically significant because she's a woman but because she's also a previous first lady! How incredible would that be to witness in my lifetime?!

I watched a lot of Walking With Dinosaurs this weekend on Discovery. I really really love these shows. The animation is just incredible and the way the shows are set-up so that you follow a certain "character" is highly imaginative and entertaining.

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Wallpapers (one of which photobucket compressed)


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday Afternoon Blahs

It's been gray and overcast here all day with just enough rain to keep you in your sweatpants and grumpy.
I've spent most of the day in bed being disturbed by the telephone ringing, the sound of the cars stopping at the stop sign outside and the neighbors dogs parking at, apparantley, nothing. Now, I'm up - the house is quiet and cold.
Have you ever noticed that when you open the door to let the dogs out they choose to stretch just over the threshold so you're either letting the hot air out or the cold air in? They also tend to stop right in front of you while you're walking so you have a nice little trip.
I love Readers's Digest. Does this make me 90? I think not! There are some pretty damn funny anecdotes in there! And I'm fond of the artwork on the back cover. The January issue featured a young girl dressing her dog up in a elfish costume prior to take him for a walk. My grandfather exclaimed when he looked at it that it looked just like me as a teen and that I of course love to put sweaters on my Abby. Of course, you'll just have to take my word for it because grandpa doesn't have a scanner and they don't publish these paintings on the web.
I just got off the phone with my Mom and she got quite pissed off at me. I said something about not waiting on my husband (as in getting his coffee, etc...) and she says something along the lines of, "Well I never thought I'd do that either but I dunno. It's different now." Well, I'm sorry that I don't have gooey feelings over their warm relationship because HELLO! I still haven't even met the guy and she's said probably, oh, all of two sentenaces abotu him to me. So I reply, "Well as long as he is doing some of the waiting on you and you're not doing all of it to him!" She immediately snapped at me "Just be happy for me!". I was quite for a moment and then tight lipped said, "Okay." We both then quickly got off the phone.
I inheritated that trait from my mother - the one in which EVERYONE can tell exactly how we feel at all times. It's extremely apparent in our voices and our faces. So we both now know that we pissed the other one off. I can see that she's going to be defensive if she feels that everyone is against this relationship. Yet, if she feels this is such a life changing romance I'd think she'd at least introduce him to her children. I guess not. I guess she wants a part of her life that is soley hers. And I suppose that's fine. I have parts of my life I don't share with others. For me, it all boils down to me worrying about her compromising her recovery. And getting her heart crunched into a million pieces. We seem really at odds lately though. Maybe I should just write all this down to her and not just my blog.

Friday, February 24, 2006


I totally found myself beebopping to Only In My Dreams by Debbie Gibson.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Love That Sound

Man, Elvis gets me so pumped up. I know it sounds weird to other people but it's always been that way for me, since I was 15. When I listen to him, it puts me in such a good mood and I find myself just jiggiling (especially "Polk Salad Annie".

Here's a video clip from his 1970 concert documentary "That's The Way It Is". Watch it bitches, or I'll break your knuckles! Physically I think this is my favorite year of Elvis. I totally dig the porkchop sideburns, he was lean and mature looking. Yummy! Don't get me wrong - he was a hottie in the 50's but a little too "boyish" looking. I would love to travel back in time, and of course, you know the first thing I would do would be to seek out Elvis!

Oooh, and my mp3s just went from Elvis to Free Your Mind by En Vogue. How's THAT for variety?

I made another wallpaper. I know! I'm such a slacker! *shame*

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Is It 5 yet?

I'm soooooo ready to go home. I've been slacking off all morning and I gotta buckle down now and get to work. I have a lot that needs to be done.
As Squidword says, "Another day, another migraine." (heehee...i love that quote)

1 new signature banner

I made my first wallpaper EVER. It could use some "sprucing up" (aka someone who knows what the hell they're doing) but i'm pleased for my first attempt.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I've never lived with my mother. Well, not since I was 2. My mother is a recovering addict you see. I lived with my grandparents until I was almost 6 and then my dad and his new wife took custody of my older brother and I. I lived with them until 15 when I went to live with my grandparents again. At 18, I moved out onto my own.
I visited my mom on occassional weekends growing up and during some holidays. But it wasn't regular, as few things are with addicts. There were times when she didn't show up to pick me up for visitation. And once I reached a certain age, I didn't want to be with her because she was always drunk or high. I was basically alone at her house. Can you believe my very first memories of my mom are her hitting a bong in a smoke filled circle and visiting her at a detox clinic when she was getting clean from heroine? They are pictures really but I remember them. I remember my mom bending over to say hello as we stood on a concrete shuffle board.
She never meant to hurt me. She was just a victim of her disease. An addict is a very selfish person - not seeing the need or pain of others. When she did pay me attention she was always loving and supportive - it just didn't happen often.
We had a fallout when I was 20. After years of holding all my opinions to myself she called me at a bad time on the wrong day and began to complain of all her problems. This was a rough patch in my life and I was having some issues of my own. Basically it all ended with me yelling at her that she never called me to ask me about me - only to use me as a sounding board for her horrible life. We didn't speak for 3 months.
So many times in my life, the addicts I've known, have announced that they are "getting clean". And I have hoped beyond hope. After so many failed attempts you don't build up hope any more.
So needless to say, when my Mom announced 5 years ago that she was going to clean up I took it with a huge grain of salt and didn't hope for much. But she surprised me and stuck with it for 30 days. Then 90 days. And before I knew it she was 1 year clean. I was so proud but even then I felt skeptical. After her 2nd "birthday" I finally began to believe that she was going to beat this disease. My heart swells with pride when I think of how hard mom has worked. It's an everyday struggle to determine why you behave the way you do and what to do about it. Getting clean is far more complex than so many people realize - which is why so many people fall of the wagon (just like so many dieters quit - it's hard work).
But for the first time in my life, my mom and I have developed a relationship. Over the last five years we have "met". We have discovered many things about each other and while we still have trouble communicating sometimes, I feel I can talk to her about my concerns in life. I always knew she'll always love me but now I know she'll also support me and understand me no matter what.
But over the last few weeks she's been seeing a man from her past. I don't know him. I don't know of him. She mentioned him briefly in a phone conversation a few weeks ago when she told me she was camping in the mountains with him. This spontaneous behavior, especially with a man, is unlike the behavior of my mom in the last 5 years. It uneased me. My sister-in-law told me this is a man from mom's past that mom seeked out. Mom hasn't been involved with a man in a long time because frankly, in getting clean you need to concentrate on yourself too much to worry about a sexual/emotional relationship. So we're thinking mom must be lonely.
Today I spoke with my mom and she mentioned that she's going to the mountains with her "boyfriend" in a few weeks. Boyfriend? They've only been seeing each other for a few weeks so that's got me skeptical.But what's scaring me the most is that s-i-l says this guy drinks. It TERRIFIES me. Recovery is a fragile state. I'm truly horrified at the thought of my Mom slipping. The effect it would have on her would be treacherous. She has worked so hard.
But my mom is a very spontaneous spirit. I know she'll go full force into this thing - balls against the wall. Hell, she's probably paying for the cabin in the mountains. The last thing she needs is some guy mooching off of her.
I've been praying several times a day and occasionallly crying at the thought of losing my mom again to the devil in the bottle or the devil in paper - choose your demon.

Monday, February 20, 2006

New Obsession

I'm officially "shipping" Beth & Brian. I'm adding them to my couples I ship list. They are lucky enough to be added to the likes of Buffy & Angel and Wesley & Fred.

They inspired me:
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

BTW, I have to say how deeply ashamed I am of a certain someone for being extremely rude to my friend.

ZACH BRAFF HAS A NEW BLOG ENTRY HERE. He made me giggle my hiney off!

I made a few Buffy/Angel banners today. But photobucket keeps shrinking two of them and I can't figure out why. They aren't any bigger than the first one. :(

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

Weekend Tales

What a pleasant weekend I had. Of course, it was the excitement that Beth & Brian had, but still pleasant. Friday night I went shopping but unfortunately didn't find anything I liked. My hubby came home and we laughed and talked and promptly fell asleep.
Saturday we slept in (JOY!), dropped his car off at the oil-change place, over-ate at Waffle House, napped, generally hung around the house and took the dogs to the park. That night we went over to Ashley's house and hung with her and her brood, while allowing her to cook the salmon filets I had brought over. We were a somber crowd but still, it was nice to be around other people.
Sunday morning hubby had to leave early because he got called in to work and we can use the overtime money - so he went. I then took the opportunity to do some cleaning and the neccessary evil of changing the cat's litter box. Then I spent a couple of hours dying my hair and doing my nails. Proof:
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All in all, it was a pleasant, relaxing weekend. We didn't win the lottery but hey. We have each other.

Friday, February 17, 2006

A Local Star. Cool.

Last night I was watching Smallville and thought that the guest star was stunningly gorgeous. So I decided to look him up today and lo and behold Lee Thompson Young is from right here in Columbia, SC. Maybe we'll have a local star. Very cool.

So, I was thinking this morning that I would try to make a non-fluffy post but of course the first thing I want to write about his a hot guy that was on tv. Typical, huh? I might write another entry later today but for now, I got things to do.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

This Isn't The Real Me

So in about 2 hours Bee should be in Bobi's arms. It's crazy how excited I am for them. I really wish I could be there in the airport to witness the moment when they first meet. I picture it like some zany comedy - the squealing, the flailing of the arms, the running into each other. It'd be great.

I thought of the perfect female band name today. Sugardaddy Stealers. Wouldn't that be great? I thought about trying to join a local band once but then I realized, smokey bar at 3am? Not my thing.

Ashley & I were talking today about the silliness of my blog posts. I was saying, I realize that our mutual friend Jodru, often comments on her blog because she makes posts with an actual topic. I know that people often don't know what to say about my "fluffy" posts. It's not that I don't think about more serious /or/ "deep" topics. I do. It's just that I am insanely lazy. To write about a subject beyond the celebrity mush, I have to actually organize my thoughts and I tend to outline them. This can take longer than I want to take to post a blog entry. Therefore, you're stuck with the lighter side of Crystal. But believe me, I'm not an airhead.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Love Joss!

Joss posts again! And comments to people's comments.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chocolate Looooove!

If I were to get my Jungle Fever on it would be with one (or all!) of these guys!

Donald Faison

J. August Richards

DB Woodside

LL Cool J

and of course: Taye Diggs

Tales of an Ordinary Girl

Happy Valentines Day to all of my blogger friends. You make life sweeter!

Friday, February 10, 2006

It's Friday!

and I'm shaking my rump in celabratory style!

Well, not actually because it's parked in this cheap computer chair but mentally - I'm bootylicious-ny it.

Hubby and I probably won't see each other this weekend which dissappoints me. He is on call in Greenville and I've got work that needs to be done around here. Plus, it's hard to go to Greenville now. Well, it's not hard to GO there - it's hard to come back. I don't want to leave my husband and all my possessions. I'm ready to explore the new territory. (That makes it sound like I need a raccoon cap)

Last night I dreamed someone stole my dogs. I was bawling in my dream, I was so heartbroken. Ack. It still makes my heart hurt to think about it - and I know it wasn't real.

I made some avatars out of the Zach Braff Giant magazine photoshoot. If you didn't watch Scrubs this past Tuesday then you need to download it because it was hysterical!

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

How Happy Am I?

I'm so freakin excited!! Nickel Creek is coming to Columbia for the 3 Rivers Music Festival. I LOVE Nickel Creek!

Made some avatars & signature banners:
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