Monday, January 30, 2006

Whew! I almost started to panic

but alas, my blog is back up. I had to go to Divas so I could get into the dashboard and from there had to republish my blog. Don't know what happened to it, but let it NEVER happen again!

I'm exhausted this morning. I don't know why. I slept my normal amount of hours but my whole body feels tired. I hope I don't crash right on my desk today. I went to Greenville and now that my house is unpacked it's starting to feel like home which means it makes it really hard to come back to Columbia. So maybe that's why I feel so tired this morning. I'm emotionally drained.

I was a big 'ol crybaby this weekend (and I'm not even pms'ing). Friday night I went to the movies with Ashley and saw The Family Stone. Which while it made me laugh I also cried. (I give the movie a solid B+ though). Saturday morning while sitting with my grandma I watched A Walk To Remember and bawled my eyes out again. (I give this movie a B-) and then last night the episode of Grey's Anatomy had me crying until I gave myself a headache. (this show always gets an A+) Feeling just a wee bit sensitive I guess.

Last night I dreamed I had a little girl. I've had these dreams before and I always go straight from being pregant to having the child, skipping the birthing process all together. And I know I dreamed it last night because I was telling my husband this weekend of how I've been thinking about children (and whether or not to have them) lately. But in my dream, she was so beautiful. And she made me so happy. I didn't want to wake up. Is that an answer to my quandry?

So now, I shall begin my Queen Bee's meme:

1. When you made your sex video with Paris Hilton, was
the dog present? of course. i told you she goes everywhere with me.

2. Would you rather have a piece of Mr. T's Bling or
one of Flava Flav's clocks? Keep in mind they are of
equal street value. Mr. T because I'm still holding on for an A-Team reunion

3. When was the moment you realized you were in love
with Fox Mulder? um, like, never

4. You're faced with a choice: Riverdance or Gretchen
Wilson. What to do? Riverdance, hell yeah. I can really admire someone who can dance without moving their arms.

5. You're stopped in traffic. There is a guy and a
girl having a not-terribly heated argument in the car
next to yours. What are they fighting about? Well in my mind, which is all-too boring and unimaginative, it is heated and they are fighting over him looking at another woman which always seems to happen in real life.

6. Elton John has already stabbed Rod Stewart and
George Michael in the back. Is the Queen next? yes. Elton John is a freak of a man who cannot be stopped.

7. Re-cast The Breakfast Club with current Film stars
that don't make you barf. oooh. Natalie Portman as The Princess (aka Molly Ringwald), Shane West as The Athlete because I think he can totally pull off that good-looking, all around, overachieving type, Bryce Dallas Howard as The Basketcase (aka Ally Sheedy), Tom Lenk as The Brain (aka Anthony Michael Hall) because he can totally do it and he needs the big break, Ryan Reynolds as The Criminal (aka Judd Nelson) - this is, of course, an obvious ploy to see Mr. Reynolds shirtless which will be written into the script. Of course, if you ask me this question next week, I'll have a completely different group of actors.

8. It's Like This and Like That and Like
This....discuss. because it's like, totally rad.

9. Who blinded you with Science? Coach Maddox. He was the football coach and the biology teacher and I had such a hard on for him. I used to just stare him down during class and once I caught him checking me out. It was awesome to this incredibly naive sophmore.

10. Paul Reubens. Yes or No? Hell fucking yeah.

It's Poetry in Motion! Or is it Poetry Emotion? I never understood Thomas Dolby. Kudos, Crystal!

You'ze da best!
Everybody has that teacher, right? For all my female friends, it was Mr. Kohel, the football coach slash history teacher. For myself and the boyz (who were old enough to have her as a teacher before she left) it was Ms. Meyers. Everybody still gets a far-away look in their eyes when you say that name.

She was a totally rotten biotch, though.
crystal! i was worried. your blog didn't load and i couldn't read anything fromyou and i almost freaked out. stupid me i forgot to check divas! stupid! stupid! stupid!

...i'm testing out my stalking skills. i think i need improvement.
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