Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Songs & Quotes

For Adam:
Here are some Jem songs. They're great. At least, I think so. Hope you like.
Flying High
Come On Closer
Save Me

Here's my tshirt that I'm wearing today. (Pay no attention to the stain I put on it this morning). If you don't recognize the quote then I command you to watch Buffy Vs. Dracula (5.1) RIGHT NOW!



When did you get that??? ::points and gestures wildly::

I want one! I want one!

Also...are you actually WEARING it? If so..nice rack!
yeah...holy huge boobies batman!
well, the shirt makes them look bigger than they actually are. I'm a C cup but I've got extra weight on me so they really don't look that big. I guess it's just the angle I took the picture from.

Yes, I am actually wearing it today.

I typed the text myself and put it on my store and bought it from there. (my store is linked in the top of the right column) It's not the best quality. The lettering looks faded in real life, but it's good enough for me to wear around the house or on days when I just don't give a shit what I look like - like today.
I'm trying to concentrate on the words, but something keeps distracting me... I can't quite put my finger on it...

It's just weird, my eyes glaze over and I kinda drool a little bit. The same thing happens with Bethie's "BOBI's Cylon" shirt...

Bizarre, huh?
It is quite difficult to focus on the words. I must agree with b.o.b.i. on this one.
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